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  • 2 weeks later...

Great day, snowing all morning. Crowd is less than expected. There are more people in the lift lines than on the slopes, due to 2/chair policy. People mostly behaving in organized and safe manner. 

Done with the on-snow staff training, after the lunch break I have to walk them around the base area and lodges... 

One of the new guys is really good, trainer material, I'd say. 

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Two staff "on foot" sessions, today, with enough time to ride in between 🙂 I teamed up with Patrick for about 6 runs. 

One guy inquired about HB for splitboarding. He's serious - texted me already. 

Conditions: mix of hard and somewhat softer. 

Toy: a new to me Elan Vertigo Ti 162. It's quite awesome. Kind of old school BX with modern materials. 

Possibly big pow coming tonight 🤞

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Wasn't too bad, yesterday... 

I'm on the hill already. Drizzle... 

PM edit: I rode in the rain from 10:30 to 12. Few laps with Patrick. No lineup. Snow was actually sorta ok, but Panorama has a brown patch now, too. We need more snow, pronto. 

I still have to survive another staff training session from 1:30... 

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3 hours ago, xy9ine said:

oh shit, that's mine. time to contact the WVPD & see if there's anything that can be done... 

I hope you have some old photos and invoices. I guess you reported it when it got stolen? 

On the other hand, it would be fun to respond to the ad and then we go kick the crap out of that lowlife 😡

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Yeah, no problem definitively ID'ing the board. I've contacted WVPD with the original case file info; will see what transpires. I'd assume (a year later) that this wouldn't be the original perp, but the fact he's saying it was purchased new is certainly shady.  

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Bluebird day, pretty good grooming of the 24hr old snow! I rode all day with @Cousin of Beagle. Linup was anything between 15 and 30 minutes. We managed about 12 runs until 2pm. 

Toys: B - OES SL, Cous - Salomon Men's(?) 

We saw a patrol guy on h/boots and a squaretailed board! Also, my skier friends Lani and Randy are back to Cypress, this season... 

Hey, Tony, post one of the better pics here? 


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Light rain at the base, wet snow on top of the Lions. Kind of wants to turn to snow at the base too. Hill has definitely received some snow recently, problematic spots are close to getting covered. 

Otherwise, we had a good staff training session... 

Tool: 3800 163. 

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A weird day... It started pretty hard packed/frozen, with big lineups (but not like last Thursday!). Then it got foggy, then the wind started and slowly brought a snow storm with it. By 1pm it was snowing like crazy already. Funny enough, the crowd kinda dispersed, from the late am and on. 

I rode with Patrick for the most of the day. We were lapping the runs around the Eagle whole morning (Pano into Windjammer the best), then the Raven chair opened! There were literally no people in the lineup! Pretty decent snow with gentle contouring, like large waves, on the Crazy Raven, then some brown (but not rocky) stuff towards the bottom. 

After Patrick left, I switched to Lions, to go up to the Sky. Glades were good! It's filling up really quickly up there. 

Tools: P-MK, B-Tanker 

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B and Cous came to play. One hated the conditions and went home, the other one was hopeful and got rewarded... You guess who stayed 😉

Morning was all light, but not thick enough, freshies over frozen nastiness. However, with the snow coming down heavily, becoming wetter/heavier and pushed into piles, it became way nicer to ride! The Sky was actually very nice! 

By 2pm, I had 20cm layer of snow on my car. 

The toy: 3800 



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      I have only used it once. I've already got a powder board that I like, so this one needs to go

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