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12 Boards-Coiler,Kessler,Donek,O2, etc $10-$50


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Between reduced riding time, kids getting older and space I am getting rid of all these.

Preferred local sale to avoid shipping. But I will ship to US and Canada too at your expense.

Prices are in USD for US shipping and $CAD for CDN shipping.

Prices are cheap as I got a deal, bought as package, am paying it fwd, etc.

Would be great for young racers...

Paypal gift preferred.

Will take TD2 stuff on trade.


**SOLD**Board#1 $25

***SOLD***Coiler 181 PRC - 1st gen titanal and it shows. Built for former Can National team rider. BEAT




**SOLD**Board#2 $50

**SOLD**Coiler 171 PRC Titanal..Soft and built for former female (130-150lbs) national team rider



Board#2- $25

Oxbow 170 - no info, made in Canada , never rode it



#3 - $15

Oxygen Dangerous - don't ride this...ever, 0 taper, the name is appropriate. It was hanging on the wall of my office.





**SOLD***Board #5 $50

**SOLD***Donek - Pilot 168cm great shape



**SOLD**#6 $25

**SOLD***Oxygen FR167 - great condition, same shape as Prior 4x4



#7 $50 **SOLD**

**SOLD**Oxygen Proton 164 - Never mounted w/bindings 19.5 cm waist

Titanal board



#8 $15

Burton FP 168 pretty BEAT



#9 $50

Blacksmith , never on snow, 158cm, 19.5 cm waist



#10 FREE to anyone local

Oxygen Proton 156cm AKA the NOODLE - the Ottawa Carving community loaner/learning board



**SOLD**#11 $50

**SOLD**Kessler SL 15? built for same female National team rider as the yellow Coiler...


**SOLD***#12 $20

**SOLD***Heavy Tools Asymmetrical


 Thanks for looking!




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added some DIMs, Oxbow was in twice
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46 minutes ago, Jack M said:

Interested in the Oxygen 164 to put into the loaner bin.  Do you know or can you measure the waist width?

The one I had long ago was 20.5 at the waist. 

What a killer deal for a good unused board! I had to focus hard not to pull the trigger on it  

That FR is a quite nice beginner board too. 

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On 11/17/2020 at 9:33 PM, Jack M said:

Got the Proton 164, thanks.  You, my friend, win the prize for best board packing!!

Lol, glad it made it safe! I shipped 3 packed together to the US the same day as yours. The cardboard was badly damaged on arrival but the pipe foam insulation saved the day!

30 minutes ago, pbla said:

#1 Coiler or #5 Donek still available? Interested in either or, as my Coiler won't probably last too long

And if you're willing to ship to V8E 0G3 Whistler, BC


Many thanks

The #1 Coiler is for sure available. I just gave someone a shipping quote on the Donek and will let you know if they take it or not

For sure I can ship to Whistler.


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4 minutes ago, loopback said:

The #1 Coiler is for sure available. I just gave someone a shipping quote on the Donek and will let you know if they take it or not

For sure I can ship to Whistler.


In that case I'd go with the Coiler as the Donek seems to be too skinny for my sasquatch feet. I'll PM you.


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#1 Coiler is sold.

Here's whats left:

Oxbow 171

O2 Dangerous

Donek Pilot - Sold pending PP

Burton FP

Blacksmith 158

Heavy Tools Asym - Sold pending PP

In case anyone is curious, shipping has been running around $50US for 1 board to $70US for 3 to US zipcode.


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On 1/5/2021 at 8:50 PM, TomCollins said:

I’m in the ottawa area and looking for boots. I figure someone with 12+ boards might have a line on a pair of boots or have some they are looking to offload. 

I replied to your PM.

Oxbow 171

O2 Dangerous

Burton FP

Blacksmith 158

All still available....

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