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Potentially selling 4 SBX boards from grom sized to adult


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My son has grown and i no longer race in USASA so I need to get new boards for him and he is too small for mine.  So this post has two purposes...looking for BX boards in the 145-150 range for my son.

Looking to sell:

140 Donek Saber BX

142 Winterstick BX (might hold on to for my daughter)

158 Kessler Cross BX

160 Burton Fusion (vintage, rare)

All boards meticulously taken care of with directional race structures and tunes, with storage wax.   Serious inquires only.  please DM or email me for details and pics...thank you.

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need help on pricing.  thinking $500 donek, $600 winterstick, $400 burton not sure whether i will sell the Kessler after all...make an offer.  My son is growing fast:)

all are basically near mint, expect fusion, the base is perfect, all has $100+ race grinds, structures

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thanks for the feedback, just feeling things out.  the donek was tuned by a very famous us tech and is basically new (also won a national championship) the winterstick was consistently 1 for 2 every time trial and is mint, i believe it would be $1200+ new, maybe $900 with a discount and remember $100+ race tune, the fusion has barely used newly high end structure and tuned base, but would be the cheapest of the lot, and the kessler is like $110-1400+ new, and this is near mint

still thinking on these, make an offer.  i have people looking at them locally

believe me, if someone had a kessler or a winterstick in my sons current size, i would jump on anything in this condition and price

Hint Hint...anyone selling, those prices are what i would pay!!! right now.  

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