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7 degree file guide


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2 hours ago, JohnE said:

I'm not really educated about this but 7 degrees sounds like an extreme angle. You're talking about an included angle of 83 degrees between the base & side edge?

I assume it's not for edges, it's for sidewall

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I am intrigued. How  would a file guide work for this? As I understand (and use) it, the plane serves to take away that portion of the sidewall that would hinder the file from doing its job on the edge. Seems counterintuitive to use a file to prepare the board for the use of the file.

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AFAIK, there is a tool called sidewall planner that works to take sidewall material off in order to better file your egde at the angle you prefer.....

That's a work to do in two steps, with two differents tools....sidewall planner + edge and file sharpener (choose your angle)

Well, i personally do it like that.

I sure can adjust my sidewall planner to remove more or less material but I don't know the amount of angle of it.....just because it's not written on it and because the adjustment comes with a screw that you tighten for more or less bite.

The more i adjust it the more it bites in the sidewall, the less and it takes less material off and may bite the top of the edge.

It's about to take off more material for a sharper angle or the opposite.

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