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Thirst CC 165 WARP

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Thirst CC 165 WARP review [overdue]

Rode this about 10 times at Lutsen (before they closed) with varying conditions. and one day at Mt Hood Meadows after a good storm.

Mark and I go way back. He built Miss Muerte to my specs for the way I ride. I'm an all-mountain hard charger on Clicker bindings and in K2 Skylord boots (usually, I have other boots for different conditions)

I was nervous upon meeting Miss Muerte for the first time, but she took me by the hand and revealed to me otherworldly delights which make me tremble to this day at the very thought, because I know there is much more that she wishes to show me.

She is nimble, agile, responsive...she takes me for a ride more than I can say I ride her, so I let her...

If you don't already know, Mark makes super fun boards, have him build one for you soon!


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@franknshredder, love the poetic review but it was all gravy and no spuds, left me wanting more substance, tell us more

I rocked sky lords back in the day, worthy soft stepin, but I opted for the Raichle 124 and haven't looked back.


@BLOODTYPEZX10R when we gonna see a CC8Warp? that'd rip on the face of turner

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Ya, sorry, bOardski, but I am not the dude you are looking for.

Mark made a noble effort to make me a hardbooter, and I nearly succumbed, but at 57 and one hip replacement (so far), I'll stick with what I like.

Honestly, I don't give a rip (pun intended) about the tech stuff.

The CC 165 WARP goes really fast and turns when I want it to...best I can do...

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21 hours ago, bigwavedave said:

You mean the Tanker Spanker?



thanks Dave, been a busy summer so I missed that one, makes me picture big open bottomless bowls of fluffy happiness

Turner Shredder ftw

1 minute ago, b0ardski said:



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