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NeverSummer Finally Making Wide Boards!


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Did anyone else notice that NeverSummer started offering super wide DF (drag-free) options on some of their boards?  The West Bound , for example is now available in regular (25.7cm waist for the 160), X-Wide (26.5cm), and DF (28.4cm)!!! 

Most of you won't care but some of you probably ride soft boots and suffer from toe drag.  You, my brothers, will be so excited to see wide waists finally making it past the custom market niche into production models.  It's finally happening!  Props to@Ryan Knaptonfor having the vision and pushing the limits! 

No more stressing about whether it's a carving day or a mini-pow day, no more going back to the parking lot because I chose the wrong board (it happens a lot when you have as many board as I do), no more having to tell my buddies on the lift that I can't ride with them in the trees or the back bowls because I'm on my carving board...  This, I expect, will be the first ever true all mountain snowboard for those who carve hard.  What a relief!

I bought one.  It's up to us to buy and promote these boards and make sure the wide waist thing is never relegated to the dustbin of history like so much other great snowboard tech; the three strap binding comes to mind.   If these sell out, we'll start to see other manufacturers making wider waists next season, the competition will drive R+D and we will all enjoy the benefits.  If these linger on the shelves and sell at a discount next fall, it's possible no other manufacturer will ever take the risk again.

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1 minute ago, slopestar said:

Not a fan of wavy gravy camber profiles...

camber is king

I think the problem with NS is actually the sidecut and not the rocker/camber profile. It's really hooky and unpredictable at times. I'm also not a fan BUT I do think they make very solid, damp boards that seem to last a long time and have a good base. My Swift is an awesome pow board and will outfloat everything else I have (maybe except the Contra - to be tested!)

Now if I could get a Swift with the DO sidecut..... mmmmmm.....

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