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Phantom wax treatment


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Question, I do not want to go through the Hot Wax thing again...I did that when I had a ski touring set up and did some Ski racing long ago...I have bought a new Splitboard set up to get me where I need to go if Milk gets Covid crazy this season...I have some exceptional backcountry friends who have said, Bob ! just do the Phantom treatment, apply Skins and enjoy...no problem getting at least a season minimum result without applying anymore wax at all...anyone here have used this product and have a review of how it works?

Thank for any input...

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I had the treatment done on all my boards last year. It was OK, but I had to still wax. For my powder/non carving board it was fine or worked well.

Anything I carved on burned away and still needed to be regularly waxed. I would not recommend for a carving application.

So for a splitboard application it will work fine. The treatment seemed to work fine in all conditions. Hot/Cold, wet snow or dry snow.


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@softbootsurferI would not recommend it for your split...the application/chemical will not react well with your skin glue decreasing your skin effectiveness...also of note is that in my experience with the application, p-tex base repairs did not hold to the treated base, so I would not recommend using it.

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