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Who doesn't like looking at new stuff.... Catalogs!

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Gray's new catalog for 2020/21  looks like only a couple of stuff has changed, graphics look the same on the carving stuff as well as the Despo's...(Covid must have slowed things down) Japan does tend to release new stuff all year round though,  you can get this stuff if you think hard enough.. I brought two sticks in last year..

I do like how Gray puts a ton if information in it for all those anal retentive spec geeks..




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Categolys. LOL. "The repulsiveness of carbon" is amusing too.

169,000 yen is about $2100 CAD. Ouch. That's like, half my budget for my trip to Japan next year!


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22 hours ago, Shred Gruumer said:



That is not bad price (I would not say “cheap” though) but that is for BP2-10. Proto+ which is top of their line is $1k more. I am curious what is the difference between them. They don’t say exactly how they are different on their catalog but they both say they are titan all board with sandwich construction. Gray Snowboard catalog has complete explanation on difference such as Tycoon vs. Tycoon Type S on their catalog.

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