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PC snow fall slows carving clips.


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This whole Euro Carve comeback has been sweet! I think it is fun how the Jib scene has come alive again, almost a comeback and mirroring the same riding period of the 90’s the Euro Carve…. its back!

So the Guys at extremcarving.com have put A lot of work in to the Euro carve of this decade and given it a new name the ExtremeCarve the have for sure given the already existing Link Laid Out turn, as much attention as they could. Devoting a great Web Site to the cause and bringing a specialty board (the Swoard) into the quiver of riders around the Hardbooting world. They promote a technique emphasizing maximum lean angle when ever terrain, speed, or rider ability allows. This high speed angle has been with out a doubt one of the major draws in on piste or alpine hardbooting since its inception.

In case you have not been paying attention to some of the heated action on BomberOnLine, Phil Fell, Myself and the rest of the crew at Hardbooter.com are using our resources to compare several techniques on several types of gear including the Layed Out turn, the Linked laid out turn, Cross Under and Cross Over turn. We are trying to use gear at both extremes from soft free ride and out dated gear to modern race and free ride gear we rider skinny gear we ride fat gear, we ride Big side cut radius boards and we ride small radius boards new and old. We ride lots of cants and little cants. We ride lots of terrain slow at fast the only constant has been the current spring conditions we have, not the smooth buffed cord which we would love!

Like Phil has mentioned it’s important that you under stand we are not trying to “One Up the guys at ExtremeCarving nor are we trying to discredit their Wonderful contribution to the Hardbooting world. We are trying to use our own experiences and resources to help educate riders in our community. We hope most viewers and posters will understand we are promoting Hardbooting and all the Techniques necessary to ride all the time every where.

We are just Filming Some Riders making some turns we hope you will enjoy the diversity of techniques and gear we ride and not pigeon hole us into the ExtremeCarve philosophy. We are trying to demonstrate the ability to enjoy Hardbooting all the time and not to define techniques as styles, that you can make several techniques work on just about any thing with 2 edges. There are way too many personal factors to dictate any thing. Board width, flex, shape, and brand, are all very personal; as are boots and binding flex, shape Clip in, and Step in, canting options. It is very important that as a rider you view all of these options through out your career. There is a reason we tend to own so many boards they all feel so different the all have there own character. But you will find out what you like to ride... What suits your style depending on the techniques you use when you ride.

We hope you will enjoy the video clips we are learning to assemble. We are after all just a few guys who love to ride and it’s very hard to get work done when we could be riding. And since it has been snowing alpine hardbooting has taken a back seat to some pow riding, some thing that again needs different gear and a different technique but don’t worry we are filming some pow to!

Hope you’ll keep a open mind while we try to do the same and build some alpine dedicated clips.


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Gotta give props to Bordy. Whether one agrees or disagrees with him and the hardbooter crew in Utah, they certainly display a lot of respect to others in the alpine community as I'm sure you all know. I look forward to reading his posts as they are very informative, especially to a rookie like myself, and can't wait to see this footage.

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I'd really like to see such site, as described.

IMO one success of EC site (along with top riders and videos) is well-thought web site: easy navigation, good learning material - detailed technique, gear, etc description with pictures and high quality videos. This makes it attractive and easy to understand.

Bomberonline has nice collection of carving articles, but without any visual material they are not so "attractive" and learning/understanding technique from simple textual description of it is very hard (or is it just for me so, as I'm not native English speaker.:confused: )

And I don't know any other site which has good learning material save cern snowboard club (which teaches swiss style)...

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