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Neil Gendzwill

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Thanks! 🙂

It's a 2x6 screwed to the studs in my garage. To that I screwed in 1x2" blocks that hold up the boards. Cost me nothing (all scrap wood) and I honestly love how it presents the boards.

The skies are harder to mount because they need longer blocks and longer screws. I should convert the heretics in my house!

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1 hour ago, lowrider said:

Nice look if esthetics is your thing i prefer function over visuals and hang mine upside down to maintain camber . Subtle pressure on the edges over a sustained period might have bad effect  on epoxy bond  of edges, ptex and core. Ideas for regurgitation .

I've been hanging my boards like that for 6 years now, doesn't seem to cause them harm.


2 hours ago, GeoffV said:

@JRAZZ +1 on your garage rack, mind sharing some more close ups?

Maybe a bit TOO close up (remember, this is in my garage) but it's pretty simple. Looking at it now I think I used small 2x4 cutoffs (split in half -> 1x4) for the spacer blocks. I set them about 5mm wider than the waist width. To remove them I lift them up and out. The soft wood blocks seem to distribute pressure well and don't cause deformation. 

One of the nice things about this setup is how flexible it is. You can have any width you want. As my group changes I simply unscrew the blocks and screw them back on for the new boards. 

That being said I can't think of anything I would change now (GASP! HERESY!!! What about N+1?!?)




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I think this was taken in 2016. 
Ive cleaned it out and have made many changes, except for 2 of them. The Coiler “MACK” truck named after my daughter and Kessler Ride, that I will “ride” until the edges are gone !! The rest have either broken, or I am just too lazy and old to ride anymore, so I’ve sold off. 
Once my Kessler blink 182 arrives, I’ll put up the new quiv pic. 


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55 minutes ago, bigwavedave said:


If I go by Mario's rules I can have 2 more, right? Not pictured is a 160 woody Fish and I have another Thirst in the works.

My honi counted all the sticks in the rack the other day and came up with 9.  I told her, truthfully, that only 7 are mine..

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