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Gecko bumpers .. question

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Okay quick question here I had a pair of gecko bumpers stealth and a few fell off... Don't get me started.  As is evident that Apex has gone bust can I use skateboard bumpers you know the type that go in kingpins as replacements?  


Has anyone done this if so please advise either on this idea or alternatives.


Thanks all!

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I lost a couple of bumbers a couple of years ago.   I was able to use some 1.5" rubber feet that I had from an old guitar amplifier.  I had to cut them to the right thickness & add some tee nuts, but it was easy.  They were similar to these  https://www.amazon.com/Reliable-Hardware-Company-RH-1606-8-Amplifier/dp/B00JJ191Z6/ref=pd_day0_60_1/138-1503930-0089822?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00JJ191Z6&pd_rd_r=bf2bb538-01d0-4b4f-99cf-2e76796c099a&pd_rd_w=9vhvJ&pd_rd_wg=KxZM3&pf_rd_p=d495c3b6-b08c-488d-b587-92006fef8456&pf_rd_r=CAEPSNHF6HYJJKTQG8TW&psc=1&refRID=CAEPSNHF6HYJJKTQG8TW  I am not sure if the ones in the link will work, but if you search around, I am sure you will find something that will.   

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I have a set of knockoff Gecko Carve plates I made out of G10 fiberglass plate. I used skateboard truck bushings in the exact durometers Apex used. 

They have worked out great, but was annoying to search out all the parts, and getting the bushing heights cut down was a real bear for me. 

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