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snowreport: tue feb 09, 2021
howdy alI

wow! a beautiful bluebird day, but chilly and temps near +/-zero degrees. perfect buffed out

groomers, but not much groomed, only the regular main runs. I thought it would be a bit softer,

but it was firm grippy good and smooth. the snow was good all day even with the sun shining

on it. there was a huge cloud that filled the southern horizon and it slowly moved more south.

there was a slight wind early and I thought it might be a short day, but it stopped and was nice

and calm all day. brought the Kessler and it was the perfect board for today. made some really

good turns and had a super fun time except when my front binding popped open twice on the

same run, the second time I fell on my left shoulder. rick and me early in the morning then with

johnasmo in the afternoon then met jng and his son after lunch. it was a really fun long day...

had to enjoy the sunny day and the relatively warm temps cause were are looking at more

colder fridge temps the next few days...

rode the 156k from 9 till 4...

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howdy cuban glad you and shred are coming again considering how things are. haven't heard anything about how things will change. summer crowds on the hill was pretty busy. went up last week

snowreport: mon sep 07, 2020 howdy all it has been nice and warm until now. the artic wind chill came down last night, it was windy all night and brought a light d

snowreport: wed dec 02, 2020 howdy all have not reported lately cause nothing good to report. it has been mild and above average and not much new snow. we had a go

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snowreport: wed feb 10, 2021
howdy alI

high overcast in the morning and vis was kinda good then slowly clouds gets lower and lighting

gets flat by noon. groomers was good, but getting a wee bit icy crunchy, but still carved really

good. met up with jng and his two sons and we did a few laps on two and one. it was cold in the

low single digits on the summit. it wasn't windy, but still it was chilly and it takes a lot out of you.

groomers was good and I wanted to stay, but it started to get a little foggy and lighting got flat

just before noon so called it... it was nice to meet jng and his boys and hope they get back here

again someday, safe travels back home... today was fun, but cold... single digits...

rode the 156k from 9 till 12...

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snowreport: thu feb 11, 2021
howdy alI

did not go up today… it was a beautiful bluebird day, but windy and super cold…

here is the big's snowreport...

Summit (6,817 ft./2,078 m)

Overnight Snow: 0"/0cm
Settled Base: 101"/257cm
Total to Date: 168"/427cm
6am Temp: -22°F/-30°C

24hr Snow: 0"/0cm
7 Day Snow: 15"/39cm
Current Conditions: Cloudy
Visibility/Wind: Low/NW at 10mph


Terrain Status

Open Runs: 105
Terrain Parks: 4
Night Skiing: Friday & Saturday Nights

Lower Mountain (4,464 ft./1,361 m)

24hr Snow: 0"/0cm
Village Settled: 31"/79cm
Total to Date: 61"/155cm
6am Temp: -4°F/-20°C

7 Day Snow: 13"/34cm
Current Conditions: Cloudy
Visibility/Wind: Moderate/0mph


Deep thoughts by Rhyan*:

**With a 5:00 AM temperature of -22 degrees and a wind chill of -45 on the summit, we will only be running Chairs 2, 3, 6, 9 and the Big Easy carpet today. No upper mountain lifts will open.**


10:00 AM Update:

Yep, very arctic out their indeed. The summit weather station still shows a 10 AM temperature of -23 degrees (wind chill -45.) But hey, it is mostly sunny though, and the skiing is a lot of fun with some drifted powder stashes!


6:00 AM Report:

Welcome to the deep freeze! Montanans are hearty folk, and can certainly endure some extremes, but for the safety of our staff and guests no upper mountain lifts will be running today. Forecasted wind chill temperatures are significantly colder than even the last couple days! For those that brave the cold out there today, be sure to wear many insulating layers, keep all exposed skin covered, and ski and ride with a partner. For the Village elevation we have a forecasted high of -3 degrees and wind chills temperatures as low as -38, with moderate to high winds and mostly sunny skies.


That all aside, we have a trace of new snow today! The skiing has been great these last couple days, with pockets of soft wind-blown powder and great corduroy for carving.

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snowreport: sun feb 14, 2021
howdy alI

ugh! I know it is sunday, but after three days of not riding I had to go up even for a little while.

super high lite overcast that filtered the sun and lighting was pretty good and it was still really

cold. I went an hour later and I was cold from the get go and I did not even go to the summit.

stayed on chair 2 for a couple hours and called it good. the groom was icy crunchy crumbly,

but still held a good edge cause it was not skied off too much cause it was not too busy.

started slow then as I trusted my edge I got more into it, but I was getting colder and had

enough... later at 7pm I walked a little from my house to watch the fireworks from town...

stayed home Saturday as it too was like today and windy cold... Friday and Saturday, night

skiing was canceled... forecast is a little snow tomorrow...

rode the 157fp from 10 till 12...


here is the big's snowreport...

Summit (6,817 ft./2,078 m)

Overnight Snow: 0"/0cm
Settled Base: 101"/257cm
Total to Date: 168"/427cm
6am Temp: -6°F/-21°C

24hr Snow: 0"/0cm
7 Day Snow: 1"/3cm
Current Conditions: High Clouds
Visibility/Wind: Clear/SE at 7mph


Terrain Status

Open Runs: 105
Terrain Parks: 4
Night Skiing: Friday & Saturday Nights

Lower Mountain (4,464 ft./1,361 m)

24hr Snow: 0"/0cm
Village Settled: 29"/74cm
Total to Date: 61"/155cm
6am Temp: 1°F/-17°C

7 Day Snow: 1"/3cm
Current Conditions: Clear
Visibility/Wind: Clear/0mph


Deep thoughts by Pat*:

1:00 PM:

The Torchlight Parade and Fireworks show are a go! They will begin at 7 o'clock tonight. A great place to watch is just outside Ed and Mully's. Happy Valentine's Day to all!


10:00 AM:

Chairs 5 and 8 are open.
There is a layer of high clouds that are almost trying to snow, with open visibility across the mountain. It does feel chilly today without the sunshine. Extra layers will feel like a warm hug from your Valentine. The snow is wind smoothed packed powder and the skis just want to turn it up! Have fun!

8:00 AM Update:

The Mountain will open at its usually scheduled time today. Chairs 2, 3, 4, and 6 at 9 am. Chair 1 at 9:30 am along with the rest of them minus 5 and 8.

Chair 5 and Chair 8 will have a delayed opening this morning because of the wind chill. Electronic information boards at the Bottom of Chair 1 and The Summit will have up to the minute status on chairlifts and terrain openings.

Night skiing, the Torchlight, and Fireworks show are looking good. Hopefully it warms up a little today, we'll keep you posted.

6:00 AM Report:

Happy Valentine's Day to all skiers, snowboarders, and mountain enthusiasts. You're all lovable in my book! This mornings temperature recordings are 1 degree in The Village and -6 at The Summit. That is a slight warm up from the past few days, you gotta love that. It is still mandatory to be cold weather prepared. Wear an extra insulated layer or two, toss hand warmers in your gloves, and keep tough to cover spots like cheeks, noses, and ears covered as best you can. 


The forecast today is for mostly cloudy skies with a high temp near 5 degrees. Another good stay warm strategy is to wait for the day to warm up a little. It seems like 11 am temps typically start to climb. Track the temps at our Summit Weather Station. Visibility right now is pretty clear, just a few high clouds.


The primary snow conditions today are packed powder and machine groomed snow. If you love turning, carving, weaving, and bopping, today is your day! Check out electronic info boards for current lift and terrain status. As always please respect the ropes, stay out of closed terrain, ski and ride in control, and wear a face covering in lift lines and indoor facilities. Happy Sunday and have a great day on the Big Mountain!



Today is the final Tommy Moe Kids Race League of the 2021 season. Be sure to look out for some sweet costumes flying down the mountain!

Tonight, our Valentines Day Special is a majestic evening of Night Skiing, a Torchlight Parade, and the always legendary Fireworks Show. The Torchlight Parade and Fireworks begin at 7 pm!

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snowreport: mon feb 15, 2021
howdy alI

a little dusting here in town in the morning and snowing lightly all day. there was maybe two inches

of fluffy snow over groom and it kept snowing all morning. brought the soft carver and made some

good turns and could cut thru the soft new snow. then it got a little bumpy as the push piles got a

little bigger as the new snow kept piling up. not very crowded for a holiday weekend so made quick

laps on chair 2. stayed on chair 2 all morning cause did not want to wait on chair 1. made a bunch

of runs and I was pooped by 11am and I was thinking it was much later. the 168 incline forces me

to make slightly bigger turns and I start to go faster than I like, it's a fun board... I was comfy with

the extra layer as today was a little warmer... came home and shoveled about five inches of really

light fluffy snow later in the evening... forecast is more snow overnight...

rode the 168inc from 9 till 12...

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snowreport: tue feb 16, 2021
howdy alI

a cold looking morning, but it was much warmer than the past few days and still a bit chilly.

high overcast just above the big and lighting was kinda good. knew it would be soft groomers

and it was, dig deep and kinda slow then gets bumpy and not much fun. not too bad early with

the crowds, but got busy fast and it was time to go. just stayed on chair 2 and did a bunch of

runs. not the best day and not really into it, made a few good turns... tomorrow should be better...

forecast is a warm up by the end of the week in the mid 30's in town...

rode the 165amt from 9 till 11...

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Wednesday was awesome carving!!!  Just enough pockets of fog to keep the speedsters from crowding you. Really good grooming and did not get pushed into piles till late in the day. 


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snowreport: wed feb 17, 2021
howdy alI

ha! kinda knew what to expect and I wasn't to far off. just a light dusting over slightly firmer groom

than yesterday and it was good. clouds was just over the big in the morning and slowly lowering.

carved really good early than slowly gets bumpy. the fog got really thick about 10:30pm on ed's.

stayed on chair 2 all morning and stayed away from the chair 1 crowds. carved good early than

as the fog rolled in took it easy and carved where it was clear. ran into johnasmo on my last run

as he was starting his day... on my way home on the snowbus met a gal from Portland who moved

here and was on a really old morrow circa 1988 all mountain shape with a super old raichle boots.

I thought my gear was old... haha!... told her I was going to be up there tomorrow... an old rider who

needs a new makevover… also ran into fred from Helena on his first day here this season...

made some good tight turns so it was fun... forecast is a warm up by the weekend...

rode the 168vsr from 9 till 12...


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snowreport: thu feb 18, 2021
howdy alI

wow! what a beautiful morning … blue skies and nice cool normal temps. great groomers early

then as the sun heats the snow it gets a little moisture in it and makes it better. super fun carving

all morning in the sunshine and comfy temps. again just stayed on chair 2 and avoided the crowds

on chair 1. chair 2 got a little busy then kinda empty by noon as everyone seems to go to lunch.

it was such a nice day I didn't want to leave, but then clouds rolled in and lighting got flat so called

it at 1pm. the snow kinda firmed up with the clouds, but it was still good. today was really good

and made some tight turns...

rode the 165amt from 9 till 1...

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snowreport: fri feb 19, 2021
howdy alI

a really nice comfy morning and lightly snowing with an inch plus maybe two of new snow over

groom. was second chair on chair 2 and did two runs, first run flew down with little pow over firm

groom, second was the same. then waited on chair 1 at the back of the gates then ripped one run

down toni matt to bench to toni then headwall. went back to chair 2 and did a few more and just

missed the 10:45am down so went to chair 3 and it was better for carving with no push piles.

that one run on chair 1 down the front was good enough for me, but not dealing with the huge

crowds... today was really busy, I guess two inches is a powder day... flying down the first few

then carved some good turns... was a really fun day on the softies...

rode the 152wfs from 9 till 12...

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snowreport: sun feb 21, 2021
howdy alI

looked and felt like a nice spring morning on the slightly humid side. birds were chirping like it

was going to be a great day. classic big mountain fog just above chair 2 and lighting was flat.

got to chair 2 early and got first chair and was scanned first for the day. ed's had bumps in the

seams and was not groomed very good. mully's is always good and the very lower ed's. first

couple runs was good then it starts to icy/snow then the rime builds on the goggles and the

fog gets lower. the groom was good early, but then gets scraped off into icy crunchy crumbly.

got a little wet so called it early and as I was leaving it seemed to stop. not the best day, but

made some nice turns on the soft carver so it was fun for a little while. it was getting crowded

and heard yesterday (Saturday) there was about 8,500 people during the day. again, I avoided

chair 1 and did not go to the summit... forecast is a warm-up with high winds and rain/snow the

the next couple days. snow up high and rain it the valleys with maybe damaging winds...

rode the 168inc from 9 till 11...


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snowreport: tue feb 23, 2021
howdy alI

stayed home yesterday cause got up early and it was pouring rain so went back to sleep, but

then it got nice when I woke and I should have gone up. windy and raining last night and this

morning it was nice with classic big mountain fog above chair 2 and moving around. firm groomers

on ed's with a lite dusting and grooming was not good, lots of dips and bumps. did two runs

then waited on chair 1 which was not too busy. about 5 inches of good supportive snow and felt

bottomless and made about a half dozen runs down the front. a good wind from the west, but

wasn't too chilly. wanted to stay longer, but my feet was getting sore from riding so hard...

it was a super fun day on the softies... first run down ptarmigan bowl was sweet butter...

rode the 152wfs from 9 till 12...


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Fun sunny day!! Rob B, me, West and Johnasmo. 

John and I tested out a 185 Winterstick 16-17-18SCR. Winterstick  is on to something really special with their carving boards!  Damp, intuitive and fun!


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snowreport: wed feb 24, 2021
howdy alI

wow! a good powder day yesterday then a good groomer day today with blue sky sunshine. it

was bluebird in the morning till noon then some puffy clouds and mostly sunny. ed's run was

kinda bumpy from bad grooming early. met dredman in the morning then purist and johnasmo

and we rode a bunch of runs down the front. my carving falls apart when trying to keep up with

the boys. groomers was good all day and the sun put a little moisture in the snow which made

it better. I was pooped by noon, but didn't want to leave cause it was such a nice day. today

was fun riding with the boys... goodtimes...

rode the 168vsr from 9 till 2:30...

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snowreport: thu feb 25, 2021
howdy alI

started like most cloudy grey day and classic big mountain fog above chair 2 and just a tiny bit

of snow falling on opening with very little wind. then as the lifts open the snow starts dumping

really hard and the wind picks up from the south and it dumped hard all morning. it dumped a

a couple inches an hour of super fluffy champagne powder and it was easy to carve thru it. the

groom early was a bit icy crunchy, but as the new snow gets mixed in felt better. as I got used

to the donek 163mfc, I kept pushing it thru the push piles and could still carve thru. by the end

of my day at 1pm there was about 8-10 inches of soft push piles and it was still doable. wanted

to stay longer and see how long I could still carve thru it, but I was getting hungry. the crowd

was pretty busy early, but thinned out by noon and there was no lift line on chair 1, but I did not

go to the summit... power carving thru the huge push piles was super fun... it was a great day

with the winter conditions... beautiful dumping flakes...

rode the 163mfc from 9 till 1...


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snowreport: fri feb 26, 2021
howdy alI

I was expecting soft groomers from yesterdays pow, brought the softies and thought it was going

to be a fun day, but this morning it was firm groomers with a dusting of heavy cream. a hardboot

board would have been good today. the classic fog was down low to mid ed's run and kinda thick.

the big reported 3 inches overnight and that brought out the crowds. it was super busy on chair 2

first thing in the morning and the crowds kept coming. did two runs on chair 2 and waited 14 minutes

on my third ride up, so went to chair 3 and did a few runs then called it a day. Friday is like the new

weekend, I am staying home tomorrow. the crowds are getting too much and it is becoming not fun.

I just tell myself don't get mad just go home...

rode the 152wfs from 9 till 11...



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Myself, Johnasmo, Berney, Jeff and Kevin rode pow gear all day and had a blast. Super deep snow in the Hascals area and anywhere in the trees. John and Berney showed us all their top secret pow stashes. It was AWESOME!

yes the crowds were horrible but we had a great day!

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snowreport: mon mar 01, 2021
howdy alI

well, heard Saturday was super busy and was backed up way past the gates on chair 1. Sunday

looked busy on the webcam early, but wasn't busy after an hour or so. heard it was super foggy

and the rime was really bad. today the rime caused chair 1 to be delayed so chair 2 was really

busy and even chair 3 got busy. made a few runs on chair 6 which was pretty good snow, but

it is chair 6. went to chair 9 just to kill time, but the chair was dripping oil so got out of there.

did one run on chair 2 and it had an icy crust. called it a day early... not a good day...

Friday someone died in a tree well...

rode the 157fp from 9 till 11..




Kalispell man who died in snowboarding accident identified

by Daily Inter Lake
| March 1, 2021 9:05 AM

Officials have identified a man who died Friday after falling into a tree well while snowboarding outside the boundary of Whitefish Mountain Resort.

According to Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino, the man was identified as Matt Gilman, 46, of Kalispell. He was reportedly snowboarding with friends when the accident occurred.

An autopsy at the Montana State Crime Lab is pending.

According to information from the resort, ski patrol members were alerted to the incident at 12:05 p.m. Ski patrol skied the last known area where the individual was said to have been seen and found Gilman in a tree well around 1:35 p.m., below the Ghoulie Point area. The group of friends reportedly had planned to ski the out-of-bounds terrain and reconvene at the base of Chair 5 on East Rim.

CPR was performed on scene and the patient was transported to North Valley Hospital's Base Lodge Clinic at the ski resort.

Two Bear Air and ALERT helicopters were dispatched, but it was determined that ground transportation via toboggan was the most efficient mode of transport. After the patient arrived at the clinic, Big Mountain ambulance transported the patient to the hospital.

The incident is the first tree-well related death on Big Mountain since 2018.

Christine Johnson, a 21-year-old Montana State University student from Wisconsin, died of blunt force injuries after falling into a tree well while skiing at Bridger Bowl near Bozeman on Feb. 16, Gallatin County officials said.

Whitefish Mountain Resort reminds people to ski with a buddy and with a whistle. More information on tree well safety can be found here.

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snowreport: tue mar 02, 2021
howdy alI

felt like a nice spring morning with the clouds just above the big. thought it would be better than

yesterday and it was, but not much. upper mully's on chair 2 was really good and ed's run was not.

ed's was icy crunchy crumbly and would ski off into just smaller than golf ball size and smaller icy

balls. went to chair 1 and did one run down the front and it was icy firm and hard to dig in. not the

best day and the only good spot was upper mully's, which is always good. kinda going thru the

motions and not really into it... maybe tomorrow might be better... not very crowded after the

past few days meltdown... forecast is a warm by Friday in the upper 40's...

rode the 165amt from 9 till 11...


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snowreport: wed mar 03, 2021
howdy alI

a nice morning with blue sky sunshine and comfy temps. groomers was like yesterday with ed's

run skied off icy crunchy crumbly balls. the sun was out early and soften the snow then some

clouds rolled thru for a little while then it was sunny all day and it got really warm. the snow slowly

gets soft with each run and it was good early then it was getting too soft and would break into

little slabs and gets a little slow. did a backside run just to cool down cause it was getting really

warm at the bottom. wasn't busy and did a bunch of runs down the front. carved hard and had

a fun day... today's high in town was 53 degrees and Fridays forecast is a high of 58 degrees

then a slight cool down with some rain/snow this weekend and beginning of the next week...

rode the 157fp from 9 till 1...

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snowreport: thu mar 04, 2021
howdy alI

a beautiful bluebird day with nice comfy temps. firm groomers and not groomed well on ed's run

and gets skied off into icy crunchy crumbly balls. bumpy and firm from yesterdays warm temps.

every run gets a little softer as the sun beats down. me and rick sit at the top of ed's and just enjoy

the nice comfy temps and great view. we were not in rush and waited for the sun to soften things

up. I went up to the summit and did a few down the front and it wasn't that good. was going to

catch the 10:45am down, but just missed it so cruising around and got hit by a kid on a korua

dart snowboard and nicked the side of my board. it was slow speed, but I fell on my face and

had a bloody nose, slight ding on the 163mfc, not a good day. snow did get soft, but time to leave,

it was getting hot... today was 53 degrees in town and tomorrow is forecast at 58 degrees...

rode the 163mfc from 9 till 12...


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