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WTF 2021 Jan 15-30

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We are doing it again.  Come and join us. Remember Whitefish is where we gather.  We are independent of the mountain.  Great deals at the Hibernation House.   Here's a quote from Dredmen.  For those of you that don’t know.   Whitefish is a spectacular carving area with every color of run groomed.  They also have great off piste runs.  Whitefish is a great cross between a smaller Montana ski area and a full blown resort.  The town of Whitefish is littered with great places to eat.  

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howdy cuban

glad you and shred are coming again considering how things are. haven't heard anything about

how things will change. summer crowds on the hill was pretty busy. went up last week to pay for

my season pass. hopefully I can get close to my average in days and vertical. still not sure how

things will go... lets pray for a good winter...

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snowreport: mon sep 07, 2020
howdy all

it has been nice and warm until now. the artic wind chill came down last night, it was windy all

night and brought a light dusting of snow up high. further south in big sky they got a huge dump

that melted fast. should be cold tomorrow then back to the 80's end of the week. fall is in the air.

spring fishing was ok and caught a few good ones. here is one from july 18 in the late evening.

it is a 21.25 inch rainbow... goodtimes… took 30 feet into backing ...spacer.png

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snowreport: tue oct 06, 2020
howdy all

I was wondering about how many season pass were sold as sept. 30 was the last day for early

season pass sales. I was hoping the numbers were low considering how things are, but no luck.

Resort sets record for winter pass sales ,,, might have to skip the weekends and holidays...

dare I say it, but this winter may be the death of me... skip this season altogether? … f...


Resort sets record for winter pass sales

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 6, 2020 1:00 AM

Whitefish Mountain Resort hit a new high mark for winter season pass sales, topping 12,500 for the first time.

The total sales are 10% ahead of last winter, which was the previous record, according to the resort.

The resort announced in May that it would not increase season pass prices for the 2020-21 winter season. An adult season pass was priced at $675 through Sept. 30.

“Frankly, we’re not shocked that the Whitefish Mountain Resort ski community has said louder and clearer than ever that we’re going to ski this winter even given the pandemic,” said Nick Polumbus, Director of Marketing and Sales.

The resort is offering a full refund “no questions asked” before opening day for people who bought a pass prior to Sept. 30.

Also new this year is the resort’s guarantee of 100 days of skiing. A prorated credit toward a 2021/22 season pass for lost operating days due to a mandated closure or a stay-at-home order related to COVID-19 is being implemented. The 100-day guarantee begins on Dec. 10 and credit is based on the purchase price of the pass.

In an effort to follow COVID-19 safety measures, Whitefish Mountain Resort is altering some of its procedures for various areas of the mountain, such as lift lines.

“While skis/boards provide built-in social distancing front to back, maze configuration does not guarantee social distancing on either side,” the resort noted in a press release.

Masks must be worn in lift lines while loading and unloading. There will be no singles lines and lifts will be loaded by self-identified groups like households or guests traveling together. Those who sit with people other than their self-identified group are strongly recommended to keep their masks on during the lift ride.

The resort added that guests should expect longer wait times, especially on holidays and big snow days.

“Employees and guests alike will have to be more patient with each other than ever knowing that honoring our changes to operations is the best way to be sure we all get to ski for this full La Niña season,” Polumbus added.

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At least you won't be getting the usual Canadian numbers this season, with the border closed, and not looking like it's reopening any time soon. That should cut your weekend and holiday numbers significantly. I'll wave to you from up here, because I don't think I'll be visiting this year.

I can't see you skipping a season, somehow 🙂

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snowreport: sun oct 011, 2020
howdy all

it was nice in the mid to upper 70's a few days ago and it felt very warm in the sun. a huge front

from the west is pushing thru and colder than normal temps all week. got a dusting of snow on

the summit of the big last night and a couple more days of precipitation... two more months till

ski season opens and we will see how things look and if the numbers are good or the numbers

get high and I bail and get my refund. it was a busy summer season and the numbers got high.

I cannot afford to get sick...

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snowreport: sun oct 018, 2020
howdy all

did not get my yard work done in time... snowed early last night and snowing all day today.

a couple inches plus here in town and lightly snowing... there is a funny vortex just northwest

of the Hawaiian island which I have never seen and it has been there over a week and getting

stronger. it is lowering the jet stream and help building the atmospheric river that is shooting

towards the pacific northwest. more cooler temps in the forecast and some precipt…

here is a pic of that vortex thing and check out this interactive global wind map … 53 more days...



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snowreport: wed dec 02, 2020
howdy all

have not reported lately cause nothing good to report. it has been mild and above average and

not much new snow. we had a good dump about a month ago then a few dusting in-between.

not really psyched yet and a little apprehensive as I don't know what to expect with the new.

got my first rock board and the factory prime ready, but haven't pulled out the good stuff yet.

aloha, Cuban the snowbus will run and mask are required and you need to enter through the

back door. the snowbus will not run thru central avenue, but still right in town... forecast is a

slight cool down in the upper 20's for a few days with clear skies then close to the 40's with

some rain/snow next week... Cuban and shred see you guys soon...

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Did you decide to keep your pass and risk the super-spreader bus?

Snow is lousy right now.  I've been hiking and it's all just ice and crust.  Don't expect it to change by opening on Thursday, but it should start snowing this weekend.  I might not even try for opening day.  I've got a busy day anyway, and maybe it's better to let them sort out the rough edges of dealing with the flat earthers first.

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howdy johnasmo

hard to stay away so will go to pick up my pass and see how it is. thanks for the heads up.

suppose to snow Wednesday so might be ok on opening. will make a couple runs and call

it good. I hope a lot of pass holders opted for a refund and will remember to ask them...

hope it is not a bull crap show... hope we get a super cold year so they stay home...

see you soon...

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snowreport: thu dec 10, 2020
howdy all

yeah! opening day, old guys don't like change and first thing this morning when I went to get my

pass I always get my new photo, but they used last years. having to cover your face is a pain in the

butt, but has to be done with the new. ok enough ranting, it was a beautiful mostly sunny morning

for the first hour then a little cloud/fog rolls in and out. the snow was icy crunchy like the end of

the season. they did open toni matt to the bench back to chair 1, but it was all man made with

lots of twigs sticking out. the backside was alright with some pow on the edges. the groomers

had lots of dips and rollers and we need more snow to fill the runs and smooth things out. it was

nice early then got a little chilly. did a couple runs on the back then a couple down the front.

had to stop a bunch cause this old man is out of shape. the first run felt a little awkward with

the little board and the set-up. we really need a lot more snow and I think I will wait until we get more...

rode the amp5 from 9 till 12...



here is the big snowreport ...

Reported (December 10th, 2020)

Call Ski Patrol
Sign Up for Snow Reports
Print Today's Report
Current Summit Weather

Summit (6,817 ft./2,078 m)

Overnight Snow: 1"/3cm
Settled Base: 40"/102cm
Total to Date: 76"/194cm
6am Temp: 21°F/-6°C

24hr Snow: 1"/3cm
7 Day Snow: 4"/11cm
Current Conditions: Cloudy
Visibility/Wind: Moderate/NE at 6mph


Terrain Status

Open Runs: 0
Terrain Parks: 0
Night Skiing:

Lower Mountain (4,464 ft./1,361 m)

24hr Snow: 0"/0cm
Village Settled: 5"/13cm
Total to Date: 8"/21cm
6am Temp: 29°F/-2°C

7 Day Snow: 0"/0cm
Current Conditions: Cloudy
Visibility/Wind: Good/Calmmph


Deep thoughts by Rhyan*:

10:30 Update:

It's turned into a beautiful opening day on the Big with the sun poking through and views to Glacier clearing up! The new snow has accumulated nicely on the Northside of the mountain- chair 7 is skiing great. Come on up and get some laps in this afternoon!

Morning Report:

Well folks, we made it. Opening Day of the 2020/2021 Winter Season is here and we are so excited to have everyone back in our little mountain paradise! It's all so familiar. The views of endless snowy trees, town far below, and distant mountain ranges. The sound of the wind in the trees, the quiet creaking of the chair, and the hootin' and hollerin' of your fellow skiers and riders. And that awesome feeling when your edge hits the snow and you carve through that turn! It really is something special. 

We have 1 inch of new snow overnight on the summit, with the forecast for today calling partly sunny skies, a high of 23 degrees, and mostly calm wind. Check out our webcams page for the most current visibility conditions.

Alright, let's get down to business. Here's what you need to know to have a great first day on the hill:

Face coverings are REQUIRED to be worn in lift lines, when loading and unloading the chair, indoor areas, and anywhere social distancing cannot be met. Respect your fellow skiers, riders, and mountain employees, and please do your part to keep everyone safe and healthy this winter season. Thank You!

For more information on changes at the resort regarding COVID-19, check out our FAQ page.

Early season conditions exist across the mountain, especially at lower elevations. Ski and ride with caution. Take it easy today and make sure your muscles and gear are dialed before turning it up to 11.

Respect all terrain closures . Do NOT duck ropes- they are there for your safety.

We have a bunch of terrain available for opening day! 

Front side: Toni Matt to Bench Run and back to Toni Matt to the bottom (Please note that this is the only groomed run from the summit down the front side), Big Face, The Chute, No Name, Schmidt’s, North Bowl, Ptarmigan Bowl. Inspiration Ridge will be open through No Name, and closed below.

Russ’s Street will open below Chair 5 at 2:30pm

Chair 7: Everything open except George’s Gorge and Kodiak.

Chair 11: Everything open.

Chair 5: Majority of runs except the East Rim area. Look for the green open signs. 

T-Bar 2: Everything open.

Chair 6: Barn Dance and a shortcut down to lower Huckleberry -Chipmunk will not be open

Magic Carpet: Skier’s right side.

Chair 1 will also be downloading throughout the day. Please leave extra time at the end of the day to download.

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snowreport: fri dec 11, 2020
howdy all

wasn't going to go up, but family in town and the young ones went up, but I did not see um...

high overcast and cool and comfy. not as crowded as everyone knows the conditions is not the

best. just stayed on the backside and made some good turns. still lots of dips and rollers, but

snow was good and could still lay it down... stepped on a pebble and stuck on my heel and

scratched my top sheet... did two runs down the front and it is really bad down low near the

baselodge there is maybe a half inch of ice over dirt and gravel... staying home this weekend...

rode the 157fp from 9 till 12...


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snowreport: mon dec 14, 2020
howdy all

took the weekend off and kinda knew what to expect this morning. knew it wasn't going to be

busy and it wasn't, knew the groomers was going to be good and it was. today the groomers was

really good and made some good turns. did not expect it to be a little foggy and it was and a bit

rimy. lite misty rain that coated my goggles and I had them up on my helmet all day. to bad the

backside groomers doesn't have a good pitch cause the snow was really good today. was getting

tired so went down the front to see how it was on toni matt and it was ok till you hit the bench.

the bench was litter with rocks and i cringed all the way thru. so back up and did a backside run

then downloaded on chair 1 and a kid going up says "your downloading?" haha... today was fun

and not much of a lift line wait... I was like a glazed donut with the lite rime...

rode the 157fp from 9 till 12...

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snowreport: tue dec 15, 2020
howdy all

was not in a hurry this morning and chatted with my ski instructors friends and got a late start.

lightly snowing early then starts to dump with a good wind from the south and foggy down low.

there was a couple inches over groom and the new falling snow started to add more and it got

bumpy by noon when I left. the new snow was nice and dry and it was fun to just cruise over it.

today was a nice winter storm day and felt good as condition is getting better, but we need a

lot more before the holidays and open the front. I am glad I skipped the weekend cause I heard

it was really busy with the limited runs. a softboot would have been fun today... hi allee we miss

you too. I think the border won't open for a while, hope all is better by next season...

rode the 157fp from 9 till 12...

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snowreport: wed dec 16, 2020
howdy all

wasn't feeling it this morning, but went up anyways. snow report said a couple inches and I thought

to bring the softboot, but did not have it ready so brought the hardboots. groomers was soft from

yesterdays snow and this mornings couple inches. tried to carve, but the snow was soft and dug

in deep. the snow has been nice and dry and got bumped up with a good crowd, but not bad lift

line wait. so just cruised around on the nice soft pow. legs got a workout on the soft bumps and

I am feeling it now... foggy on the summit all day and slowly gets lower... was fun cruising around...

rode the 157fp from 9 till 12...


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snowreport: thu dec 17, 2020
howdy all

finally got my soft carver together this morning and decided to go to chair 3 which opened a

couple days ago with man made snow. it was groomed good with a dusting of new snow on top.

I was the only one there waiting for it to open at 9am. it was a bit icy crunchy, but held a good edge.

made about 6 runs then the sun peaked in for a little while then the lift starts to drip it's greasy mess

so went over to the backside. foggy on top and the runs was already kinda bumped up so just

cruised around and hit the sides for a little pow. mostly cloudy and felt like a nice spring day.

forecast is a little snow the next few days and sunday should snow plenty high up, but rain in

town with a high of 45 degrees... made some nice turns on the softies... really fun first hour...

rode the 152wfs from 9 till 12...

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snowreport: fri dec 18, 2020
howdy all

same as yesterday, started on chair 3 and it was groomed good with a dusting of new snow on

top. it was good for the first hour then tiny ski schoolers and out of towners newbies all over the

run. so over to the backside and cruised around for a couple runs. classic big mtn fog on the top

third of the hill and humid chilly. did a couple down the front and it is really bad, the top is ok, but

in the fog, the middle is really bad on the bench, moguls, rocks, pine tops and icy patches, the

bottom is polish icy. to open the front we need at least three feet of good creamy snow. should

have some snow this weekend and this coming week. staying away this weekend as there seems

to be a lot of holiday out of towners and the weekend warriors... made some good turns on the

soft carver and like my new setting of 45 front and 25 back... good fun morning...

rode the 152wfs from 9 till 12...

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