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conshox, tell me about them


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1, do they make all that much difference in the ride?

if so what are the benefits?

2, are they worth the money?

3, do they have any negative effects?

I know the theory behind them but I am looking for opinions or people who have used them

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but if you missed it Bob, here's my 2 cents.

Question #1 Yes, I feel they do make a significant difference. They stiffen the board up and seem to give it more "pop"

Question #2 Yes, I paid $100 for mine used and it's the best $100 bucks I ever spent

Question #3 Not that I'm aware of. I've had no trouble with mine what so ever

I'm sure you've seen the pic of my Silberpfeil with the conshox on it, but I'll post it again. This thing is functionally sound and damn cool to look at as well. This particular set-up is still my favorite, and I love my Burner, but if I had to pick the "one quiver board" this would be it.




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