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F2 Conshox?


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I'm intrested in getting one of these. I already read the revievs about them and they sound good. The one review said that it made the board ride like its longer. Is that true? I have a 168 Volkl how will it work on that,and what will it change about the board? I'm also looking to step up to a Donek 175 GS, Coiler Pure Race 178 or a Volkl 178. Will the Conshox wor well with these boards?


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If I remember correctly, he's fitted a conshox on various boards other than F2's. I'm not sure how one will work or if it will work on all the boards you've listed. The original design was only for F2 boards, so it may have limited fitting capabilities. I know I love the one I've got on my F2 Silberpfiel. Check the thread from Bibo about the 183cm Renntiger to see a pic of mine,

Good luck,


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350 . . . I bet that any of the above could make you a board that would work with a conshox. The important part is that the inserts on the board be placed the right distance apart from one another.

I am 90% sure Donek would do this for you. I am 90% sure that Coiler would do this for you . . .and I am pretty certain that Prior would do this for you.

The conshox bolts to the front pinding inserts, and then there are a set of slots that line up with the back inserts. you need to make sure that the back inserts line up with the back portion of the slots.

The one thing all of those board manufacturers would probably tell you is that using the conshox on their board might cause problems with warranty on your board. Since they did not specifficaly design boards to work with it, if the conshox damaged your board, they would not be liable to replace the board. Make sense?

I am no expert on this. . . I just tried to put a conshox on one of my doneks a few years back, and was sad when it didnt work. I think I was trying to do the same thing as you . . . be able to have a 1 board quiver, where I got one board that was a little on the short side, but when I wanted a longer ride, just bolt on a conshox and go!

E-mail me at brownt@alum.rpi.edu if you have any more questions.

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