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    • By Jack M
      Outstanding board, used about 15 days.  Selling because it's a little too close to my latest custom 180, and the wife says I need to clean out the closet! 
      10-14m KST sidecut.  20.5cm waist. 48-58cm stance width range. Similar turn shape as a 168, just 2m longer radius range, and 6cm longer length.  That is to say, this is not a straight-tail racer, but a great freecarver that will finish the turn.  Very exciting ride.  Swiss hand-made for me at 185lbs in May 2018. Factory thumbprint base grind. Factory edge bevels at 2 side, 0.8 base. Base has not been ground, edges have only been touched up with a diamond stone. Will wax before shipping. Superficial base scratches only. P-tex topsheet condition is very good. No damage. I have about $1800 into it after import tax and shipping.  Letting go for $1250 shipped to the 48 states.  I will pay the first $50 for shipping elsewhere.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

    • By Denis Lafrance
      SOLD---------------COILER STUBBY V2,  2019 , 175 LONG 20 CM WIDE 13/14m SIDECUT
      Bought the board brand new in 2019 with magnificent snakeskin deco with top carbonium, base look as it was new, no scratch or dig.  Its short overall length with comparatively long effective combined with a moderately speedy sidecut is a potent combo for all around fun. It's a super fun ride which can handle a lot of your daily carving duties. If you want to carve while dragging your elbow in the snow this is your board. Really look like a brand new board.
      595$ + shipping 

    • By Algunderfoot
      New 20-21 Model CC (Cross to Carve) 165, built for a UP retail outlet. This is the first one built with Mark's updated shape, width and PFI Core, as such it came out a little stiffer than we felt appropriate for a retail floor model. It would be better suited for a heavier, or harder charging rider. The idea behind the CC is that it can be rode with a soft or Hardboot setup, emphasizing alpine form, making it ideal for the soft boot Carver aspiring to hardboot. The CC is a wider, more of an All Mountain shape, making at home in the trees, the pow, or the corduroy. This CC is symmetrical, not a WARP design, and can be set up regular or goofy.
      165.5 cm x 23.5 cm wide - .360 flex index. -  comparative average SCR 10.47 M. -  144.8 effective edge. New "Mellow Yellow" topsheet backprinted on durable lenticular nylon. Comes factory tuned with Faststix© base treatment, baby blanket sleeve, scrapper, thirst patch and stickers.
      Offered at $100 off normal price at $950 shipped to lower 48.

    • By Daniel Valmont
      Board is in excellent condition, used 1 season. This is a snowboard that is used with hard boots - not for soft boot use. https://www.f2.com/snow/boards.php?L=&da=1917&dk=46&db=11&name=Speedster%20Worldcup%20RS

    • By Pappystar
      Selling my 2015 F2 Speedster World Cup RS 175cm. This board was used for only one season. The top sheet and bottom have no scratches or skuff marks. The top sheet was a bot of wear where the bindings were installed. Its an 8 of 10 for condition.. its almost new.  I am letting it go for $400.  Hope this board finds a great boarder that has carving and racing in mind. This board had a great feel.. It was just a bit too much for me.  Text me if you are interested at 514 235 3955.

    • By theboarderdude
      For sale is a Donek Rev 175. I had this board made for 150lbs, with a slightly modified waist (19.5cm) and sidecut (11-17m). The edges are set at 1/2 degree for the base and 2 degrees for the side. The nose and tail were personally detuned by Sean.
      The board was used for 1 year and has about 60-70 days on it, and still rides great. It has been base ground once before, but could probably use another. The topsheet has a few marks near the tail, and one on the nose but they are all cosmetic. The edges still have about 75% of their life left.
      This board would be perfect for a younger or lighter competitor looking for a gs board. 
      I'm looking for $500 $450 $400 plus shipping. For more pictures, or questions or inquires, please email me at drew.ellison1 @ gmail.com

    • By Comapedrosa
      Hi, I’m already thinking about my next acquisition for *next* season. The boards on my shortlist are the Sperconductor and the 168 - both seem to earn glowing reviews from all you sages and super athletes. How should I think about this trade off?
      As for more infor about me: my quiver includes a Donek Monster, a Coiler Stubby v2, and an older Swoard... I’ve been carving since 1991, but still suck at it :-). Live on the West Coast now and am looking for something that makes the medium carve as easy as possible for me (not slalom nor giant). I like the liveliness of the Monster, but also the stability and steadfast hold of Coiler...
      Thx so much for you thoughts!
    • By Lighthousefield
      This board was only ridden once 15 years ago and has been kept in board bag ever since. Virtually brand new and perfect. $650 obo.

    • By Algunderfoot
      Mark Miller has graciously lent me a thirst 7 WARP Superconductor for any of my Midwest peeps wanting to try one of these amazing boards. Being a WARP design, this one suits regular riders only.
      However, there is also a thirst XC for rent at Big Snow Outfitters in Bessemer, MI. That board can be ridden regular or goofy, soft set up or hard. Ben, a Tuner at BSO says "This thing turns on telepathy"

    • By Algunderfoot
      Thirst XC 171 WARP?
      Three straight days of relatively decent carving conditions have me giggling a bit, looking way better than I should this early in the season, and searching for more leg...as they are depleted. Mark and I worked on designing this model specifically for smaller resorts, to provide faster transitions, more CPR's (Carves Per Run), and essentially add several hundred feet of vertical to my local 700 foot hill. All I can say is that Mark nailed it! I did however need to relax a bit, stay neutral over the board and ease up on knee pressure as over steering this beauty will have you looking uphill, or face down in the snow in a heartbeat. Simply getting her up on edge is plenty of input, just fall in after her. The XC is a WARP design (Waist Abberated - Radius Proportioned) that is a stance specific feature (regular  / goofy) which aids in edge transition and calms ones body positioning, perfect for AARP / AMAC Members like me.
      Now that we understand each other, its hard not to love the nimble, yet ridiculous edge hold and effortless transitions. Much like a Lamborghini, a gentle gas pedal is also required, this gal has more gitty-up than any board I own, or ridden quite frankly. The stability and quietness of this deck is also well beyond expectations, but the "dampness" I've  experienced with all my titanal boards is surpassed with the pop that can be unleashed at will. I'm easily able to carry and aggressively carve pitches that previously were just pastimes. I can't imagine a purpose built board more suited for providing oohs, aahs, and yes, giggles at smaller resorts. With the Wife watching all my fun, her Jones for a thirst board is reaching critical mass, but we have a SF 162 on order for her.

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