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blue to black at stratton

Guest kriss

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Guest kriss

I have been out about 4 days in my transition to hardbooting at stratton...riding the blues off of american express 6 pack.I tried the run under the gondola and my ability crashed.any stratton riders have similar experience when starting out?

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I found Liftline and Tamarack (??) a bit much for me as well. I was really happy off North American and on Upper Meadows though, as well as most of the other blues there (whose names escape me!)

I find the biggest thing when I'm trying to progress is to do a couple of runs on a run you know, get the feel of the board under your feet and technique feeling good - and then tackle something a step up while your legs are still good. There's no point in trying to do a black at the end of the day when your legs are tired and reactions slow. Concentrate, ride the run, go through what you thought was wrong, do it again, When you run out of legs go find somewhere to play.

And have someone watch you. Often the technique goes out the window when you start to panic at the speed/pitch/bumpiness of the new slope. My other half is excellent at picking when I wave my hands around and my form turns to custard. Once I fix that, I can ride fine.

Good luck!

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Guest jeremiah

Kriss--if you're talking about Upper Standard, that's just a really tough run to carve. It's got a funky fall-line and have several different runs. One the skiers left it's bumped up, mid-left it's generally windblown and icy, mid-right it's scraped off and icy, and far right it's chopped up. Once you get about 1/2-way down the fall-line moves closer to matching the run, the ridable area gets a lot wider, and you can actually do something with it.

Unless it's really nice snow, I try and rail hard to toeside (I'm goofy) and ride it back up the hill a bit to bleed off some speed. Then I do a quick heelside and try to get back heading toeside as soon as possible. Once it smooths out a little I can rail big or small turns both ways and it gets fun.

I find that liftline is my favorite run to carve, but once it gets icy, it can be a bit too much. Tamarack is a good run that doesn't get as icy, and is significantly longer than Middlebrook. If you can get on Tamarack early you should be able to get comfortable with steeper runs, and eventually you'll be able to sort of muddle through the first part of Upper Standard.


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