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Summer Reading List?


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I'll add some:

Historical Fiction:

+Bernard Cornwall: Vikings, Napolianic War, the US Civil War, he's got it all and it is exciting and well researched

+Patrick O'Brian:  It's like Hornblower++, was really bummed to be finished with all of his books

Introspective, moody fiction:

+Cormac Macarthy: Just don't start with Blood Meridian (which is actually faaantaaastic and highly regarded) unless you want something pretty brutal.

+Patrick deWitt:  The Sisters Brothers (as the book) was a fantastic slightly surreal jaunt thru the old west.

Fantasy/Sci Fi

+Neil Gaiman:  super imaginitive and human stories, with very well crafted prose.

+ Hugh Howey:  Read the Wool books first.  OMG! Nothing has ever presented a post-apocalyptic mythos better than this (well, maybe Macarthy's The Road is better... Maybe)

!ark Lawrence: The Broken Empire series is unhinged, dark-funny, and has you rooting for the kinda bad guy.

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Just plowed through all 14 books of the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire.  Super fun, very light.  Urban fantasy.  Speaking of which, finished the latest Dresden Files novel "Battle Ground" by Jim Butcher.  Another great urban fantasy series with consistent quality throughout. 

Re-read The Rook, by Daniel O'Malley.  This is another fantasy, super inventive and funny.  If you've seen the TV show and didn't like it, try the book.  They dropped the ball on the TV show big time, it feels nothing like the book.

Mexican Gothic by Sylvia Moreno-Garcia is just as the title suggests - gothic horror/romance with a Mexican flavour. It was excellent.

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thank you eBoot, Neil and st_lupo for the recommendation!

This is awesome to get exposed to different genre/authors.
cross pollination of ideas have a multiplication factor.

my backlog is miles long and i love it.  now my eyes are getting old and tired lol

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