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Soft boot risers

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I'm riding the Bomber risers on my Coiler BXFR. They add some weight, but I really like them. For me, it was all about getting front toe and rear heal lift (3 degrees of each) to make my stance more comfortable, and avoiding boot out. I'm riding Now O-Drives on them, and they work really well. Build quality is outstanding and you can really get your board set up just the way you like it. I only have a handful of days on the setup, but I really like the way it rides. Responsiveness is crisp and precise, and the entire rig feels solid and damp at high speeds.  Edge to edge turning is effortless and fast, despite the relatively wide Coiler.


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If you are just looking for risers, the Donek's are simple and much less expensive.  If you need some canting or heel/toe lift, the Bombers are the only real choice.  You will definitely notice the weight of the Bombers on the lift ride up.  

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They're great if you have a board that you currently boot out on (they're expensive, but cheaper than a new board). Riding up lifts with no footrests sucks though since they add a ton of weight. I didn't really need the cant adjustment, but it was nice to have.

Having said that, I found a wider board to be much better than a narrow board with power plates. I finally bit the bullet on a Donek that's wide enough to not boot out on (29.7 cm waist for my 12.5 boots), ditched the power plates and haven't looked back.

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