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20/21 IKON: are you buying it?

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On 6/4/2020 at 1:06 PM, rjnakata said:

I believe that was done to reduce crowds there.  But that may not be an issue this season.  I think they should add it back in.  

I remember reading about that in one of the Aspen newspapers. At the time I thought it was odd because they’ve never been concerned about the crowds on a normal weekend at Mammoth.  At least that was the case until they thought of surge/dynamic pricing.  It’s easy to imagine Rusty Gregory saying “Damn, why didn’t we think of this scam 20 years ago.”  

if I do buy in, it won’t be until the very last minute.  I have no enthusiasm for next season. Alterra is clearly taking us for granted and why not?  I’ve been renewing every year since the original MVP.  But this year it’s different. There are too many uncertainties and in the theme of your Facebook post, they should be showing us way more appreciation than they have been willing to so far.  In fact the latest one about a partial refund for 20/21 is more of a meaningless gesture than anything else. 

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PHASE 4.5 is in: Transfer unused 2019-20 passes to 20-21. 

It appears IKON has privately emailed people who didn't use their 19-20 pass AT ALL and informed them they can transfer that pass to 20-21.  

...No concession given to those who used their pass 1, 2 3x.... but at this rate who knows.

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