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Using alkyd paint to repaint trim painted with latex semi-gloss


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So, any thoughts on this painting scenario? I have trim (baseboards, door frames) that's been painted with latex semi-gloss and I want to repaint with an alkyd paint. So far I've puttied a few dings, primered the new putty, and washed everything with TSP then rinsed. Question: do I need to sand? If I use latex primer first, can I skip sanding? Or can I just go ahead and paint with my alkyd paint? 

I really don't want to sand because I don't feel confident I can get good coverage on every surface. I'd rather primer if it came to that, or just go straight to alkyd paint over the existing paint if adhesion isn't a concern. 

LMK your thoughts, I want to get this done by the end of the weekend!

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2 hours ago, lowrider said:

Rule of thumb that I am aware of is oil over latex. Rough up with scouring pad and wipe down then paint away !

Always need to tooth, even minimally, otherwise paint will come off in sheets.

Quick pass or 2 with 220 should suffice.  You could chemically tooth, but that's nasty



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Can an oil-based paint be used over a surface already painted with latex paint? The truthful answer to this question is that you shouldn’t paint an oil-based product directly over latex paint, but it can be done if a sealing coat is used to separate the layers. Because latex paint has built-in flexibility, it doesn’t make the ideal base for oil paint, which has a hard finish. It’s also far trickier to achieve a good result if the latex paint is relatively new. The task requires paying attention to preparation, which is the key to all successful DIY jobs.

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