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TD3 direct mounting to the board?


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Hi, similar to this idea: https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/topic/38945-it-worked-straight-to-plate-binding-mount/ , I am wondering if there is a way to mount the TD3 binding directly to the board without the subplate and cant disc.  I understand why hard boots/riding style/narrow board requires an elevated stance, but I would like to stand closer to the board.  I also have a set of Catek OS2, but it is still too high.  It would be great if I can mount the TD3 directly to the board if there is a center disc that can fit in the round center hole.  Any ideas or other thoughts?  Thanks.

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@snovvman  The TD-3 appears to be designed to allow for a wider pressure distribution on the top of the board, give more dampening and stance options.  

The old TD-1’s with a small mounting surface, had a tendency to concentrate loads on a small area and assist in breaking boards.  The reason for the height on the TD-3 is to spread the load over a wider area and to give canting options.  The dampening associated with the rubber gaskets on the TD-3 ‘s are a very desirable trait for some folks, including myself.

If you want low stack binding height.  Go with F2 bindings or Carve Company.  

Just my 2 cents

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Bomber's thin lower assemblies for use with plates (mentioned by Lurch above) significantly reduce height while allowing cant/lift.  If you don't use cant/lift, there is a flat version.

Here is everything you need:



E-rings, choose BP Only:


Screws, choose 12mm:


The page that Lurch referenced warns against using these without a plate.  I believe that is just because the only available e-ring is stiff, so there is no TD3-style suspension.  These units do not damage a plate, so I don't see why they would damage a board.

Alternatively, the TD2 lower assembly is almost as low as the BP version.

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The sliders are longer than the TD bail block alone, but most of that mechanism is over the base plate. I don't think they are any "higher profile" in total that a TD as far as surface area under foot. 

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