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The first concrete carve session of the year

Rusty Edges

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My daughter had a dance recital, no audience allowed (Thank You covid 19).  So  I spent a few hours carving on the concrete.  Had never ridden this park (Cloverdale), so many new lines. 

No kick turns allowed all turns must be flowing carves to maintain speed.  It is odd riding a park without graffiti, no reference points...

Sk8 4.JPG

Sk8 3.JPG

Sk8 2.JPG

sk8 1.JPG

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It's killling me!!!  

Not only no mountains (they have more snow now than when they shut-down) but the local districts have shut down all the skateparks as well...

My last carving outlet is kitefoiling.  But the wind has not been cooperating as of late.

I can only mountain bike with the kids so much.

Lift 200.JPG

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It is there to keep the board close to me when starting in big swell or choppy conditions.  Once up and foiling I prefer to be able to shift my stance with the conditions.  Normal riding has my front foot about 2" back of the foot hook.

I think it would work well for a "No Board" application with a small tweak to accommodate the size of snowboard boots.  I would probably block the hook up rather than reshape it.  Although the plastic may not like sub-zero temps.

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