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SOLD Donek 180 Proteus SOLD


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Length: 180, waist: 19, SCR: 13

Fully stock build other than top sheet.

Excellent condition.  The base and top sheet are nearly perfect.  The side wall has a very minor nick in it from the lift line.  Same thing in the nose.  Both are only cosmetic.  Edges are in great shape with a fresh tune (1* base, 2* side).  My initials are on the tail of top sheet.  Less than 20 days on this board.  Purchased new for $1,200.

Free shipping.  CONUS only.  Also willing to drive to meet any local buyers.













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1 hour ago, barryj said:

Wow!  Quite the deals and house cleaning !

Hmm,  Workshop7  is making room for 2 Thirst boards!   Man I gotta get on that train!!! 

♫....don't need no ticket, you just get on board...♫

just do it Barry!

Okay, back to selling some great boards....

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Comment from Scott after he purchased my Custom 172 on Alpine Snowboard Trader.

"Hi guys, i just picked up this mk variant 172 from Dave and I gotta say the board is like brand new. Buy with confidence.  The pics may leave you wondering but the 172 was well cared for. "

The FCII and Proteus are in nearly new shape as well.  The Tanker is in great shape to, it's just seen more use.

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Good lord, what's the holdup? If I didn't already have one I'd be all over it. Proteus 180 is versatile, smooth, with pop, loves to finish the turn, great beer-racing board, likes high angles and tolerates low ones, stable at speed... Somebody jump on that thing!

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