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USASA Nationals 2020 Cancelled


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With the COVID 19 and such, USASA made the decision to cancel Nationals this year. I am a bit numb right now, as my son put so much into this season and we were looking so forward to this event, as we have for all the past years. This is his last year before High School and we were so hoping to catch the eye of Steamboat and one of their reps as this was going to be the Nationals to remember. For many other kids, this was their last year to try to take Jr Worlds and that was canceled as well. Everyone is taking a hit to the economy with this pandemic, but this is also affecting the dreams and aspirations of many as well. Kid doesn't want to give up, so we will be on the mountain this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as he fine tunes his form and continues training, as I might get some video or something.

I imagine there are many other heavy hearts out there as well with stories of their own.

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Having been coaching  TVR’s son and the CVA team this year, I was really looking forward to this. Super disappointed. He will now finish the season in first place nationally for GS and SL in the Breaker boys age group, but not the way we wanted. I was also looking forward to finishing off my season in the Legends age group and hopefully bringing home some hardware of my own. Oh well, next year, right? #firstworldproblems

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I hope for all of our sakes this is just a first world problem for us.

But the statistics would suggest that some of the people who hang out here are going to get very sick, and a number may die, in any of the countries represented here.

When we look back at this coming time in a few years missing a sporting event may seem a very small price compared with what others will have lost.

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