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Modding SB123 for "soft boot feel"


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So I scored a pair of 123 and threw some intec heels on em...gonna try em out as my all around boot. soft boots are just killin too much

are there any mods I can do that might make this more effective? RAB with super soft springs? Set the cuff cants to freely slide?

links to this info are fine!

thanks anyone

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Guest Randy S.

Tape the lean mechanism in walk mode. Loosen the cant screws and loctite them loose. Make sure you have the soft tongues and then maybe even notch them to make them softer. Replace the top buckle with a booster strap. Maybe lower the shells a bit (cut off some plastic). Remove the rear spoiler if its even there. What bindings are you using? Get the cheapest, softest plastic ones so they flex a lot. Or at least get the softest ones (maybe x-bones?).

Those are my ideas. When you get it right and you really want them to feel like soft boots here's what you need to add: Something over your instep to make them dig into your foot. This will make it super uncomfortable, just like soft boots! :D

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Randy has it right and here are some more things.

Pull out the liner and in the lower shell above the heel there is a piece of plastic that inhibits the forward flex. What it does is bend as the upper shell pushes against it. You can cut that down as much as you want to allow the upper shell to flex easier and more.

Also, is this a 3 buckle boot or 4 buckle boot? I can't remember on the 123 but either way below the buckle/strap that is the lowest on the upper shell you can dremel/cut the plastic so that it isn't below that strap. That plastic also inhibits the upper shells flex down onto the lower shell. I did that on my 323's to help get more flex and it worked wonders for me.

If you need photos e-mail me and I'll shoot some and then send them of these areas.

have fun playing, Joel

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ok...I should have added that I dont want to "destroy" these boots, so...as close to non-destructive as possible?

Im already on that instep strap thing!

planned to use TD2s with the new supersoft rings, but...perhaps a pair of X-Bones are an option. I thought of that. Im well over the rec'd weight range tho (says 180, Im 210 or so) but maybe that wont matter for the riding Im planning (not quite as aggressive with the carves?)

I have a pair of F2 intec titanium, too....

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thats actually a good point. only thing is it hasnt snowed in what...3 weeks. most of that time it was near 50 on the hill. last two days its been in the 30s and the wind is HOWLING right now, so...call me a sissy but Im not exactly jumpin to go ride:)

you think theyre soft enough out of the box, eh? especially at 220?

what about them x-bones? think theyd suffice, or would I be at risk of breakin em?

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Hey DSub

I'm 195lbs and I use 123s 90% of the time. Carving and freeride boards.

In carve mode, they're mated to yellow TD2SIs and I've put a medium stifness tongue in.

In freeride mode, I use F2 TitanFlex SI or Snowpro bails, and I put the soft tongues in.

I've got a second pair that I was going to make even softer with some "ultra-rare" elastomer ankle cant inserts, but I haven't gotten around to it. I'll post a pic of the elastomer cant inserts tonight. I think I've got a pic of them out of the boots.

The boots are pretty soft compared to anything "modern" with the possible exception of the 413/SPA model.


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I cut the cuffs on my pair down to 8 1/2 inches tall, eliminating the strap area off the shell. Just put the strap on the liners and chinch! With cutting the shells, a pair of short thermo liners, vibram toe pads of homemade origin and Fast heels mine are at 4 lbs. per boot. BTW, I've chosen to epoxy my cants into the uppermost position, but you can strip them for more lateral flex.

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the only advantage to the Fast system is the ability to hike in less than ideal conditions and not hurt the heel. I've hiked with my Intecs last spring and had to buff up the pins after that trip. If I lived in Colorado I'd use the Intecs :) but up here in the Cascades I tend to find rocks/tree branches and will stick to what will suffer the least. Mostly use these on my split (168 F2 Flame w/homemade swallowtail) with the binding toe/heel pieces mounted directly to the slider track.

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ride the new bomber bumper first its a better ride then any old bumper you said you already had bombers? I only weigh in at 175 but I have been running the x-bone carbon all season on my race board and have not broken any thing. Just put some deep screw marks in the disk. I sent some guy who was 250+ out on a pair from Fins demo fleet at the WTC last week he loved them. But any rider could break any thng at any time. you make the call on the saftey issue its your gear how do you feel about riding out of a binding falure?

As one of the cats at Hardbooter I should not say this in public but I ride soft boots... Burton drivers I started riding the driver about 4 years back and my 123s have sat on a shelf since, well now they are part of our demo fleet.

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