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K2 Compass Clicker Boots and Kwicker Bindings (SOLD)


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$350.00 takes all

Boots size 10 $150.00

Silver lever Bindings $100.00

Green lever Bindings $125.00

Shipping NOT included

Send me a PM if your interested.

Lightly used K2 Step-in System for Sale. I bought this 2018/2019 set up last year and rode 11 half days between last year and this year. Still in excellent shape. Believe it or not you can carve in this set up! I've transitioned from soft boots to hard boots on my powder boards. I want to keep everything in a HB set up instead of hauling both boots up on the hill and changing out to the other board and boots when the groomers are tracked out. The 2nd set of bindings(green levers) I bought this year and rode just once. It was a new set I found at a sporting goods store that's been sitting on a shelf for several years. Same exact build but with different color levers. Boots are really comfortable and warm. They have the BOA wire lace system which is very nice and easy to dial in. Stock liners are made by Intuition. Bindings come complete with mounting screws and Leashes.





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Can you please confirm if these are still forsale, and if so, can you please confirm the stock code for the bindings, as want to ensure that (at least the green handled ones) are not the ones recalled a few years ago.

Do the rubber/ plastic covers over the binding have the 3 degree angle on them, as am I not sure if this is was just on the 19/20 variant, of if it was also on the 18/19 version.



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Yes there still available. I'm not sure about the 3 degree? Looking at the pictures between this year and mine there an exact match. Not sure if the 3 degree was an added feature or not. My guess would be they are identical. I would email K2 headquarters and they would be able to confirm for you. From what I've read these boots are compatible with old and new bindings. Its the old boots that are not compatible with newer bindings. Here's a  youtube video. Read the comments below video. I called K2 headquarters last year with concerns with the green lever bindings with the recall. They have the same upc number. They reassured me they collected ALL bindings that had the recall. The recall was their first year  production with the new Kwickers. Both bindings are exactly the same except the color of levers. I can take closer pictures if you like. 


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