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RRS Pro Carver Glove [overdue product review]


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I told you all that I would get a pair of these gloves and post a review once I had a chance to use them.


2 weeks ago, I recieved my size medium RRS Pro Carver gloves. Out of the box the finish of the glove appeared to be quite nice. All the materials appeared to be up to snuff and well thought out. The glove seemed to fit the bill as a nice rugged "spring conditions" glove, and potentially a primary, full season glove.

Interesting features beyond the molded carbon fiber portions on the knuckles and palm include a fleece thumb pannel for clearing off your face after that nose dive/cartwheel that we all occasionally take. The carbon fiber palm piece at first seemed a bit on the small size, but after wearing them for a while, I feel as though it is actually appropriately designed and placed to serve its purpose without getting in the way or dexterity.

My first impression of the fit of the glove was that it was a bit on the large size (based on the sizing chart) for a "tight fitting" glove, but not bad. The velcro closure is large and holds well. The only down fall I could see, is based on the way the closure works, there is a hole, about the size of a pea that lines up with the base of your thumb on the back side of your hand. This could proove to be drafty. Luckily, I always wear long underware with thumb loops. This overlap of the long underware and the offending hole provide for a remarkably warm, draft free system. The addition of this layer of long underware also convienently took up the additional space in the glove and allowed it to fit my hand correctly.

So far I have used the gloves in temps ranging from 34, sunny and no wind, all the way down to 12 degrees, overcast and windy enough that they threatened to close lifts. I found the gloves (with long underware) to be pleanty warm all the way down to about 15 degrees with wind (but if you ask around, I am a wee bit cold blooded).

The glove is very comfortable to wear and has been holding up great. Very few signs of wear after intentionally beating on them have surfaced slightly on the underside of the fingertips, but nowhere near as bad as I would have expected.

I would reccomend this glove to anyone looking for a spring time carving glove, or as a primary glove for people with slightly cold blood. Next year, these will be my PRIMARY GLOVE for the entire season, with a set of mitts for when it is BELOW 12 degrees F.

Please feel free to ask any questions!


PS: These gloves are currently on sale at reliable racing at 50% off!!! I would grab them while they last at this price!!!


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Hmm.. I'm looking for an affordable spring/summer glove (it gets pretty warm here in Tahoe in the spring) for spring carving and halfpipe riding... currently using these raggedy pair of thin-grey leather/neoprene dirt biking gloves, but debating whether to go for something like this or Burton pipe gloves. Are the gloves lined? Or are these just shells? Thanks.

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I dont have them on me right now, but I do believe they are lightly lined. The insides are comfortable, so there is some form of built in liner.

The only benefit of the burton pipe glove would be a hair more mobility. The carbon pieces do impeed movement slightly.


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