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Oxygen Proton GS 178 - $50+shipping


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This is the red/black topsheet from around 2000 or thereabouts. The 172 version of this board was my first "real" alpine board, and I grabbed this one to see how the extra running length felt. Well...I don't know because after several years of me riding newer gear, it's still in my basement in the packaging in which it was sent to me: I never even opened it. That being the case, I think it's time to set it free. Let me know if there's interest and I'll unbox it to take some photos. 

As GS boards go, I think this one is pretty friendly. The 172 worked well for me at around 155 pounds even when I was more or less a beginner - it does want a little more attention than a freecarve board, but doesn't smack you down for minor errors. 

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2 hours ago, big canuck said:

How many days are on it?

0 from me...my wild-ass guess on lifetime mileage would be not more than 50 days. The topsheet is in pretty good shape and it looks to have most (all?) of its camber still. I had a request for photos, so I took some pics - see below. 




Topsheet closeups:





Big ugly scrape on the bottom. It doesn't go to the core and it's parallel to the direction of travel, so you might not feel it when riding, but I would want to fill it if I was going to be riding this board. 


Closeup of scrape:



Camber, looks like about $.07 worth:




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Board is sold as soon as I deliver it to monodude's escrow agent 🙂

13 hours ago, west carven said:

howdy dan

should have brought this to whitefish I would have snagged it...

if it was the 164 I would have bought it...

you should ride it... on icy days...

I didn't know I needed to clear out the basement when I was heading to Whitefish 🙂 I do still have the 172 that I learned to ride alpine on -- it's a sentimental board for me, I always think I'm going to ride it and never actually do, but I'm holding on to it and will keep in mind it could be a good ice carver.  

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Sorry I hadn't updated. This is sold to monodude, but I need to deliver it to his local escrow agent (aka Bryan). Haven't been able to do that since the world ended, but I will get it up to him once we're no longer quarantined. 

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