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Scotty's @ Mammoth


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Originally posted by oldvolvosrule

Whenever I go to Mammoth, Scotty's is way too bumped out for carving, usually they will run the groomers down Cornice but I have never seen Scotty's groomed. Did they groom this run? Was it suitable for carving?

Absolutly carvable. Mammoth mowed it both days and the grooming was better on Scotty's---for whatever reason :confused: Saturday everyone was on Cornice early, so we went to Scotty's and had six runs before too many people were on it. Very fun. Sunday the conditions were the same just more people and I found myself waiting between the droves of people sliding by. Still fun.

Not sure how often they goom Scotty's. I am up a Mammoth a fair amount and can't recall the last time I've seen it goomed. Maybe I just missed it.

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This past weekend was also the first time I've seen Scotty's groomed. Carving real black diamond runs are a blast and a challenge.

I lost an edge while trying a frontside eurocarve on Cornice and slid on my belly for around 100 yards. My other eurocarves on Cornice turned out a lot better.

We were both getting a lot of hoots and compliments that day. We also got a lot of questions about the carving gear. A lot more than normal. We made good carving ambassodors and didn't give any smartass answers to questions like "is that a snowboard?":D

Oh yeah, the closest I came to a collison was when Gary almost T-boned me in front of a demo group:eek:

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Gonna be up Mammoth way on March 29 - April 1. Maybe I'll see a couple of ya there!

I agree, everytime I've looked at Scotty's, it was totally bumped out and always packed with skiiers. I could imagine it being fun when rolled out well. Never done it - maybe it will be like this when I'm up there?

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Kirk keep in touch on your Mammoth trip, might be up during that time, if so love to make some turns. Also going to try to make WTC next year, sounds like you guys had fun.

And to Mr. gdboy... ada Erwin how could I almost t-bone you when you were behind me? Remember down hill rider has the right of way:D

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Originally posted by Kirk

... maybe it will be like this when I'm up there?

My theory is that Mammoth started grooming Scotty's to relieve some of the traffic at Cornice. So I would bet it will get groomed regularly. So unless you get a powder day, you'll probably get to ride a groomed out Scotty's. If it is groomed, I'd recommend one warm-up run, then hit Scotty's or Cornice. Because even if it starts out groomed, it gets bumped up fast.

I have heard some people gripe about Cornice getting groomed. The complaint being, with a groomed steep run, too many people get on the run that really shouldn't be there.

On further review of my close call with Gary, I did start out following Gary's line. So maybe he was slightly downhill. Either way, Gary's a hell of alot bigger, so I gave him a much wider cushion the rest of the trip.

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