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What happened to Bombersplitboard?

Jon Dahl

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Did you guys consolidate with splitboard.com because of lack of interest? I realize that the amount of hits on the forum was very low, and most of us were already on that forum, too, so it makes sense. Anyway, it just seemed like it should of worked, and the store link is good for your business, too.

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Actually, pretty cool stuff has gone down. We are now working with Splitboard.com and are running their Split Store. So our site is now gone and everything goes to the Splitboard.com site.

It is such a good match as they have the community and we have the e-commerce power. Chris who runs it is a really good guy and we are both hoping to see splitboarding grow.

So where the heck where you at Split Fest ;) Good lord, that was so much fun. I know I put this up before, but here is the photo gallery from the trip: Split Fest

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Yep, SplitFest rocked. Great vibe, and super support from the Sponsers. Everyone there was super helpful to our little group of newbies. I think the fact that we brought along a cute single girl didn't hurt...:D It was a bit of a sword-fight. 40-something people in all and only 2 or 3 girls.

Also, it was really cool to see how many guys were running Bomber Split Bindings and hardboots. For those that hadn't seen the light, Fin preached the gospel of plates to all who would listen.


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What %$#@! :eek: you mean she was single? Dude, you have to send me the "memo" before hand in cases like this.

And I thought we where buddies...sniff.....


Yea, that was cool. I must have had 25+ conversations with people that started with "So what is it like riding on plates?" I had the speach down to "Well, do like edge control?" :D

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this time, but who knows next year? I'm trying to figure out how to get to SES next time, if that becomes a no go, I'll have to come to splitfest and sleep in the snow! I will definatly have the conversation piece for a board, a 168 F2 Flame with a burner style split tail. Complete with the shortest hardboots there, and stepins! I might be having my own mini splitfest, all by myself, up on Mt. Adams weekend after next, so if someone wants to climb with me, let me know.

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