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I don't iron wax on I rub it on using Rays system, and I don't damage bottoms, everything is in excellent shape.


The stubby is moving to a more northern location, Mapel, On. T171, stc, 09MH1, 6.5+4.5, recent wintersteiger, 200$ plus shipping 

A Kessler made for a Bronze medal olympian, tested but not used in competition, sold by YYZCanuk, tuned by PTC then a wintersteiger, I'm a 7 nastar on it, 174, #2218, hand made by HansjürgKessler, 200$ plus shipping.

The Virus is sliding over to Peterborough NH, A Virus, fresh unused wintersteiger tune, (it had never been tuned) X Races, #A67 6007, Handmade for "Ladia", 100$ plus shipping.

bosqueb2@gmail, thanks




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3 minutes ago, Missionman said:

Interested in the stubby.  Specs on it?  Design weight and sidecut(s)? Is it metal? 

It was built for me at 170ish lbs, it's a variable I believe, 12-14, just guessing, bruce would give an accurate answer, but 12-14 seems about right, it's metal, and it's got lots of life left.

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OK, the Kessler, a 174 hand made by Hansjürg Kessler for Alexa Loo, a bronze olympic champion has got all the bells and whistles, taper, variable sidecut, hammerhead, it's made after all the kesslers that broke, the hammerheads didn't break,  it's got 5-6-7 short sessions on it, not to bump it, but to explain it, I got a 7 nastar on it without a plate, it's dying to get used.

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