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What's the warmest weather you can carve in?


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As Spring nears, and the temps prepare to "soar" above freezing, I am preparing for the inevitable slush fest. That usually means abandoning the less steep runs great for carving for steeper stuff. I usually feel like trying to carve in slush is a hopeless task. When do you guys call it quits on carving, and maybe just go back to "sliding" (dare I say that?!!) on the slush? Are there ways to still enjoy a carve in slush?

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We already got slush here in tahoe as of last saturday. It was in the upper 40s so I changed boards and to my great satisfaction the axis performed like a hero. It really made my day even in the slush. After last saturday, my donek axis is a KEEPER.

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It's great fun. You can't carve as hard a turn in it, so you just have to keep it pointed down the fall-line a bit more, which works out fine because slush is slow, and slopes that require across-the-fall-line carving to control speed when the snow is hard are perfect for fall-line cross-unders in the slush. Just gotta keep your weight back a bit and blast around at high speed.

And slushy half-pipes are easy and fun.

I've spent many 15 C days carving the slush - spring is great except for the early-morning bullet-proof ice

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