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SOLD Atomic Backland 27.5, Phantom Link Levers, Intuition Dreamliner


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Letting go of my Atomic Backland setup. Everything in excellent condition. Phantoms are new, only just mounted a week ago. Selling because my other UPZ boot setup is working much better than expected, and can use the funds for something else that caught my eye. Just looking to get back close to what I paid over the last few months.


$500 including shipping for everything. Would rather not split at this time to save on shipping.
BONUS - I’ll include 2x Deeluxe Heel Harness that might work for you with the Dreamliner setup. They happened to rub against a hot spot on my instep, but they do work at holding the heel down for sure. These go for $25 each new. 


Atomic Backland Carbon 27.5. Orange tongues included. Excellent condition. Shells never molded. Paid used $250+ship
Phantom Link Lever - Brand new. Comes with extra bolts, springs, etc. Paid $200+ship
Intuition Dreamliner 27 low volume. Great shape, was told they were only molded once and had 10 runs on them. Fits great into the boot, taller and more comfy around the shin/calf than stock. Paid used $55+ship





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