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Custom Prior 180 4WD

Rusty Edges

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Big Boy Toy ready for a new home...

Nose: 270 mm, Waist: 213 mm, Tail 267 mm. Efective edge: 1,565 mm. Side cut: est. 11.5 M. 

It was a custom core done for one of the Prior sponsored racers back in the early 2000's.  I rounded the tail and added unidirectional Carbon Fibre and rubber laminate to the structure.  The only topsheet that was big enough at the time was a Freeride, so that is what's on it.     It's very light for its length.

It was my daily driver for a few years.  Takes a bit of weight and an aggressive style to make it work.  Very damp and will hold an edge in concrete if needed but has enough nose to lift in the soft stuff... 

$200.00 plus shipping from Vancouver, BC

4WD 180 1.JPG

4WD 180 2.JPG

4WD 180 3.JPG

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Hi Rusty Edges, I’m looking for an alpine package with hardboots. Would you happen to have anything for sale? If not, can you possibly recommend a shop or have any leads? I’m super stoked to get into it but having no luck finding equipment! I live on Saltspring island but will be in Vancouver around the 16th. 
Thanks so much!

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