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Review request- current F2 Speedsters


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Looking at the F2 Speedsters RS 185, the Proto is a handmade custom board and is not made at the same factory as the World Cup which are their top-line serial boards.
I personally prefer the Proto, because it has a better dampening and phenomenal edge hold. I sold the WC I once owed and kept the Proto (2016).  But It also depends what year the board is built. For example the Proto from 2014 were quite different (less aggressive) from the Protos of 2016ff.

Compared to SG's Full Race Pro Team 185 (which is exactly the same as the SG Full Race Titan, except design and price) , the F2 Spreedster Proto is more aggressiv and lighter (less metal) to ride. On the other hand the SG Full Race is smoother and more forgiving and I prefer it, when the snow is softer. The nose of the SG is more decambered than the F2's. 

Right now I love my Oxess RG185/19 the most, because it has the the same phenomenal edge hold as the F2, but rides as effortless as the SG. But Oxess vary, because they are custom made and you have to work out your preferences with the manufacturer.

In the end it's always a matter of personal taste. I have friends who love the Protos most, others prefer the SG's, Oxess. If you have the possibility, I would recommend you, to test ride the boards.

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