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Upz boot fitting


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I have some new RC11 upz boots, with the stock flo liners. 

Tried them out and had excruciating pain in the heel area. The dense foam around the heel is not compressing and putting too much pressure around the heel and Achilles tendon. had the liners heat molded and same results. 

Should I have the boots punched out around the heel pocket or get new liners? 


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How to liners fit outside of the shells? How much room do you have around the shells without the liner in it?

Both could be appropriate for your feet, and it's fairly common to replace those flow liners with something from Intuition or similar.

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Good boot fitters with the capability to alter the shell can work wonders.  Definitely go see one.  If you go with an Intuition liner, it sounds like you'll want one of their "one finger" liners.  I wish I had done that when I had my UPZs, instead I went with the Power Wrap and was unbuckling on every chair ride, even after shell punching.


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Left foot has 1 finger without liner and a thin sock, right foot has about a 1.25-1.5 finger space without liner. 

Where does everyone get their intuition liners from up north in canada?  Nobody seems to stock them for test fitting before buying.

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Test fitting an intuition liner is not useful. The shape before they are moulded is not relevant. If you phone Intuition and talk to them they will be able to give you good advice on which liners to use.

When you first heat them and put your foot in during the fitting process they will feel impossibly small. After the moulding process when they have cooked they should still feel a little tight. Over the first five days or so of riding they will relax enough to be comfortable.

I prefer the liners with the thin, non-mouldable sole in conjunction with a footbed of higher density as this seems more stable under load.

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