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    • By nextcarve
      Dear Raceboarder/Extremecarver
      What a joy !
      The date of the next Moon&Carve session is fixed. At the 16th & 17th February 2019 the Moon&Carve session is held the second time at the winter sports area of Elsigen-Metsch, Frutigen at the Metschalp in beautiful Switzerland.
      The following manufacturers will be there: Oxess, Goltes, Kessler, Plasma, Mountain Slope, Sense.
      As usual you will find detailed information about the event on our Moon&Carve Homepage:
      The event is organized by local raceboarders. Because we are no commercial organisation and the event is free for all participants, we are thankful for all PR. We would be glad if you spread the good news and give us a like 👍.
      We're already looking forward to have a cool session with you!
      Ride Hard
      The Moon&Carve Team

      web: http://www.moon-and-carve.com
      news: https://www.facebook.com/MoonAndCarve/
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    • By GBcarver
      The 177 FC is a special board.
      The nose is big for a carving board. When you bent the board in the turn, the curve continue perferctly in the curve on the nose and the edge  get bigger.You can test that by sitting on snow and push on borad.
      It is like a variable edge size , if it is possible?  When you go flat the contact edge is smaller than when you turn on the edge by pushing. Maniability  at flat  and longer edge  grip when you turn, this is for me a very interresting concept for a carving board, and radius 9-12 short radius.
      The result of this concept, is the board turn very short in carving for a 177 , and maniable board at flat, but the big surprise is the possibility  to carve  at higher edge inclinations in wet snow. That is the first board that allows me to carve almost in wet snow like in middle hard snow. And for me it is a revolution.Never i was able to me to do that wich an other board so easely.
      For me I find at ent  the solution to carve at the end of the season, so i can now carve carve carve until the last days.
      This board is a big discovery, a very interresting concept, and the solution to finish the season  by carving no matter if the snow is wet and high temperature. 
      If you have a probleme on wet snow !!!!!!
    • By Capykiller
      Since I‘m new to this forum I‘d like to say hello and show you our latest video clip from last season. Feel free to comment.
    • By nextcarve
      Hi Alpine-Riders
      Here's a cool video of the Nobile team preparing for the olympic games:
      Nobile is one of the manufacturers participating at our Moon & Carve Session im March 2018 ?
      Ride hard
    • By GBcarver
      The Oes 178 wide is a very comfortable board. You need a bit of speed to turn, because the camber, then the board turn very easely.
      The grip is  fantastic, the board is so comfortable, you do not have the impression of a technic board
      You can vary the radius very easy without much power, its a real plaisure.
      But you need to know to ride, comfortable do not mean beginner board.It is a big board with camber not for beginner.
      A medium level is required and you can already have big fun with this board.
      The advantage of this board is that you can ride with great grip, radical turn, super carving and great pleasure without getting tired fast. So you will be able to ride longer.
      If you want a big board, powerful but not too tiring, this board is an exelente candidate.
      A fantastic carving machine
    • By GBcarver
      This board is fantastic.
      A wonderfull carving machine.The board is 21 cm wide and have a good torsional stiffness . For this reason wenn you put the board on the edge, the result is amaizing. The grip is fantastic and you can push very well. The board turn perfecly and keep its trajectory.
      For my size 1m67 and hardboots size 40, the pushpull technic is an advantage, you can turn relatively short and put  the edge  at high angles, and the board is very very stable.
      I recommande this boad for all who like wide board, high angles turn, amazing feeling with lay down turn, good torsional stiffness grip.
      Very very good board !!!!!!
    • By nextcarve
      What a joy ride we had at our favorite ski area Elsigen-Metsch, Switzerland:

    • By Tali
      Hi Ontarians! 
      If anyone is interested in riding together, we are riding at Mount St. Louis Moonstone during weekdays, from 9 am till 12/1 pm or so. We ride about two times a week when the weather cooperates.
      If interested, please PM. I have two Extremecarver Gen4 boards for tests (168 M, H) and I will be happy to lend my Gen3 161 XS and S. You should have your own bindings and hardboots! Please PM that you would like to test a board and specify which one in your PM.
    • By mennanov
      I am an extreme carver who moved to Mountain View, CA 4 months ago and i'm looking for the best place to carve there.
      My plan is to have training sessions almost every weekend coming on Fridays evening and leaving on Sundays evening, so i consider buying a season pass.
      I have never carved in California before, so i need your advice on that topic.
      The ideal place for me would have:
      good grooming, wide slopes, rigid snow (ice is ok) no crowds (the less the better) reasonable price for a ski pass and lodging (lodging can be really cheap, i don't care too much about it)  
      Thank you!
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