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Buck Hill Compared to Garbage Dump

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Buck was getting compared to a garbage dump

"Burnsville's city council advanced a hoty-debated concept by Waste Management to make an existing landfill taller than Buck Hill"

"With a peak elevation of 1,082 feet, the top of the mound will be higher than either Mount Gilboa, Bloomington’s highest elevation in Hyland Ski Area, or Buck Hill.  However, the mound will read as much taller than either Mount Gilboa or Buck Hill as it will rise from the low elevation of the river valley rather than from the much higher elevation present at the base of Mount Gilboa or Buck Hill"

https://www.bloomingtonmn.gov/sites/default/files/Burnsville Landfill - Bloomington Comments 2-14-19.pdf

seriously, whenever I drive hwy 13, I can't help think why not turn the dump into a ski hill or terrain park? what else are they going to do with it?

many years ago someone told me that top of buck has landfill at the top of the run. not sure if that is true but from the looks of the following photo things were quite different 60 years ago. doesn't the hill look shorter?



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An "engineered ski area" is my favorite term for these built-up hills.  There used to be an actual landfill hill in SE MI called Riverview Highlands, and they struggled to keep snow on the hill even in good snow years because of the rising heat from the decomposition process.  

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