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I thought maybe this would go in "videos" but that's "videos of people carving" and there's not a lot of carving here, but it is "all mountain" hard booting.

This is a Burton Skeleton Key 154, F2 Race Titanium bindings, Atomic Backlands with Phantom Levers.



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I didn't really notice any difference in riding these (Atomic Backland Carbon / F2 Race Ti/ Phantom Link levers) versus my previous set up (HSP, F2 Intec). These are the Carbon boots - light, but not as light as the "ultra light" ones which I think have only one buckle - these have two buckles plus a power strap.

The boots are noticeably lighter at less than half the weight of the HSP/Intec combination. I think they're stiffer (which I like). As noted elsewhere I used the Link levers because I needed more forward lean than the Atomic levers provided, not because I wanted springs. In practice I felt that I could probably easily overpower the springs so they were likely not relevant, although I've no real evidence of that.

Bear in mind that in that type of snow you can ride without buckles pretty easily - it's not the same kind of test as hard pack.

The boots look small and skinny, which is slightly worrying in the cold, but I had no issues at minus 10 - minus 15. I didn't bake the liners as they fit fine out of the box and my advice was baking would not improve that.

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13 hours ago, JRAZZ said:

Trying to figure out which ones to get.

Are you looking to buy 'new', or 'new old stock'?

 One of the gains from the 'Carbon' model is the carbon cuff inlay may (if you're the type to notice things) enhance feedback.

The lower shell plastic is relatively easy to form, but does not 'bounce back' as readily as typical polyurethane.

The latter being relevant if you need to punch for hot spots. (The last is fairly narrow).

Previous versions could be skied with or without two different tongue configurations.


Am wondering if the location of the Boa winder on the most recent models will be problematic for 'more aggressive' riders?



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I’m thinking of trying these as a replacement for soft boots. I would either buy used or wait for summer sales. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out whether I want carbon or the regular kind. 

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    • By andrepierre
      Almost new!
      $200CAD + shipping (was about $150USD when I posted this)
      Rossignol Sushi 145cm (one size fits all). Very wide (28cm) and short powder board with swallow tail.
      I have only used it once. I've already got a powder board that I like, so this one needs to go

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      I took a drive to Chilliwack today and the surounding peeks were white! That's a good enough reason to start this year's thread 😁 
      Hopefully not too long before we see the white stuff on our mountain too! 
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      $450 Board is in excellent shape Base 9.5/10 and Topsheet a 9/10 Only Ridden a dozen times Binding highbacks Don’t match Cracked on on second day and Burton sent me what they had that would ‘match’ Both almost identical Purchaaing a long powder board Will trade and add $$ If someone would like to trade for a Weston Japow or Soul Pitch Wing

    • By philw
      So yeah, you can't buy these cameras in the UK, but you can get them in the USA and as a citizen of nowhere I'm good with that. A couple of years ago GoPro produced the Fusion and I couldn't imaging what I'd want such a thing for - a camera for producing VR, or videos I have to click around in to see things. That did nothing for me and I passed it by, wondering what the fuss was about. Eventually GoPro and others worked out how to use and sell the 360 technology: it's not about "VR", it's about not having to point the camera at what you're shooting, about being able to re-frame the video in post production. It's 100% the future and it's going to kill more traditional approaches I'm sure. For now, the quality's limited, but this is from my second day with the camera and after a quick slightly drunken edit of a single take. The snow on this run wasn't great, and I almost lose it at one point, but it's a start... and this was pretty easy to produce.
      Snowboarding, oh yeah, that's a dump truck that the snow is about 10cm on windblown crust. We found better snow later, but the light was best when we were up there.
    • By BlueB
      First of all, this is a review thread. Use it for test ride comments and civilized discussion. If you want to flame, use "some prototypes" thread in the carving section... 
      This was designed to be an ultimate freeride/carver for hardboots, or softies for those who like very forward angles. 
      The inspiration for this board came from few excellent, yet not perfect, alpine free ride boards that me and few local riders have tried and frrm versatility of modern slalom boards (OES SL included). For few years I tried to convince Alexey that he needed this type of board in his lineup and that we possibly could redesign one of the existing boards to fit the bill. However, now he decided to develop it from scratch - new molds, new geometry. I've designed the geometry (so blame it on me if it didn't work), while the core thickness and construction I left to Alexey. 
      Length: 167 
      Waist: 23 
      SCR: 8-10 
      Flex: M, S and XS, for now. 
      Construction: Kevlar composite, wood core
      Weight: 3.9 kg, the heaviest M 
      The sidecut goes high up into the decambered nose, creating heavy taper (less decamber at the tail). However, there's almost no taper at the contact points, flat running. I'm hoping to achieve the best of both worlds this way - carveability and float in pow. 
      The prototypes are here! 

    • By philw
      27 seconds edited with Davinci Resolve 14 - I'm downloading the Beta for 15 at the moment (came out yesterday...). Limited to 1280p by the use of that free program, which is a shame. I will see if I can work around that later.

      This is Terrace BC, where Northern Escape have a rather nice helicopter (A119 Koala) and a couple of good cooks. Conditions were more mid-winter than spring, with no corn snow at all, everything rideable all day long, every day. A lot of vertical was consumed - rumoured to be the season maximum. Burton Dump Truck, F2 Intec, HSPs.
    • By crazyjeenyus
      I have a Rad-Air Tanker 200 ready for a new owner.
      This Board is in amazing condition since I only rode it one time. I had planned on riding it more, but need some cash cause my kids are getting bigger and need new equipment, sadly the Tanker has got to go.
      These boards are extremely hard to find and rarely come up for sale. Here is your opportunity to add a the granddaddy of all boards to your quiver.
      $500USD + shipping

    • By philw
      Ridden with hard boots of course. As per the argument on the other forum, this is a Powder Board, so the sidecut is 7m, but if you're worried about that then you're probably not going to spend a lot of time in powder one way or another. The stance is set back by default and there's a 15mm taper.
      After originally disliking the shape, I've become used to it. It's not pretty, but I can see what it does and the graphics are prettier up close than they look on screen. 

      I rode a few days in Cat-accessed coastal BC powder, and now I'm playing with it in heli interior powder, although the powder's not as magnificent as last season. 

      I picked the 154 - worryingly short for people like me who don't like the Con Artist type short boards in deep powder. The good news is that this feels like a proper snowboard, not like those boys' toys. The weight recommendations are spot on, and this is definitely the right size for someone of my weight.
      The shape reminds of last season's Capita Spring Break , except that was a bit of a plank, where as this isn't. For what it's worth last year's Spring Breaks were often broken, too... maybe they had a  batch problem, and I'm sure they replaced them, but watch out for that if buying 2nd hand (avoid last season's). Anyway, this board is a different kettle of fish. It's wide, with lots of running length, and upturned tip & tail. It's a traditional camber design: thankfully the snowboard rocker fashion is dead other than as a marketing concept. The tail works the way you'd expect, and the camber works well in powder. 

      I've no intention of riding this anywhere near a piste, but if you did I'd guess that it'd be reasonably ok there if you really must. 

      I've not (yet) tried to compare this with my last-year's favourite Landlord, but I think I like this better. The Panhandler looks like a Con Artist successor and is a bit less dedicated back country, so I think I'll pass on that. The Flight Attendant is a rockered narrow park board which I consequently hated from the start.

      It's a Terje/JG design so maybe you'd expect it to work. Not revolutionary, just a board you can get on which will do anything in a reliable way. It's the sort of board which makes you think that the limit is what you can think of doing with it, rather than what it can do.

      Other people were on a range of powder designs. Japanese boards seem popular, and generally shapes and marketing (for powder boards at least) seem to have moved some distance in the right direction this season.

    • By cliffh
      Selling my 2008 Never Summer Summit. Looking for $275 + shipping. The Summit is Never Summers powder oriented board. This board has only been ridden a few times. It is pristine with hardly a mark on the topsheet, clean base and edges. It was tuned a couple of seasons ago and hasn't been ridden since. Description: https://www.evo.com/outlet/snowboards/never-summer-summit-snowboard-2008

    • By lamby
      Don't mean to brag (well, maybe I want to brag a little bit ) I just received shipment of this new Donek 164 Nomad from Bomberonline! I'm looking forward to winter and hoping for lots of pow! Thanks Jim and Angie!
      Bomberonline rocks!!!

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