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SOLD: SG Carbon Plate, 4x2 and 4x4


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ALL SOLD:  I bought this plate used a couple of years ago figuring I'd play with it, but ended up never using it.  It comes standard with mounting hardware for 4x2 inserts, but I made adapter hardware to use 4x4 inserts as well.  There is a photo showing one of my adapters in use.  The plate is in good shape. There is some slight chipping of the epoxy in spots on the edges and on the underside of the non-structural inserts for the rear bumpers (see photos).  This is the soft version of the plate, no longer offered by SG.  I have more photos but don't want to clutter up the forum, so if you want to see more please ask.

SOLD:  I also have a set of Bomber Boiler Plate mounting disks, E-rings and center disks with mounting screws (last photo).  These definitely show their use, but that doesn't affect the function.  The center disks shown are zero and 6 degrees, but I can substitute a 3 degree disk for either.

SOLD:  Asking $225 for the plate and $60 for the Boiler Plate hardware plus shipping.  PayPal "send money to a friend" is requested to avoid PayPal fees.  International shipping is no problem by I do prefer to use US Postal Service for that as the paperwork is easy.

I'll be posting a set of TD3 bindings separately, but I could configure those with the Boiler Plate hardware if someone needs a complete plate+bindings setup.












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