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HELP!!!!Stripped mounting bolts- TD1's


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Need some help guys. I was trying to shorten the toe and heel length on my TD1's (step-in) and had one of the big "T" wrenches purchased from bomber to do it. Well I stripped the Hex-hole at the top of the nut that I can't remove one of the nuts. I did not use loc tite or anything else to tighten them when I originally mounted them. The last time I did any loosening of these was back in Oct/Nov. '04.

If any of you have any shop experience or other ideas on how to remove them I would greatly appreciate it. I've already tried using a larger diameter allen wrench (with and w/o a tap from a hammer).


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You may be able to remove it using a torx bit/driver. Select a torx bit that is just larger than the stripped hex-hole. Tap the torx bit into the hole with a hammer so that it is tight in the hole. Gently turn the screw/bolt with the torx bit. I have removed some badly stripped hex heads this way.

Good luck.

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If the above replies do not work, go to a hardware store and purchase some E-Z outs or equivalent. Craftsman also makes a stripped screw remover set, but mine do not have a name on them, so I don't know what they are called. The stripped screw removers have a set of sharp blades that engage when you turn the screw out. If that does not work, I use the E-Z outs - you drill the appropriate size hole down the middle of the bolt - insert the E-Z out - then turn the bolt right out. If you have both of these sets of tools, one is sure to work. If you only want to get one set, get the E-Z outs. The Craftsman set doesn't always work, but you don't have to drill with it, so I do that first (to save drill bits). Good luck.

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Here's another thing that 'often' works for me.

First Step: Soak it with a penatrant, overnight would be nice!

Using a 'small' ball pein hammer tap the stripped head "gently" working the raised areas of the hex back down to the level of the rest of the head. This will do 2 things, first it will obviously take up area, making the hex smaller, second, it will 'shock' the threads, which often helps (especially with the use of penatrant) in the removal of a stuborn fastener. When you have worked the raised (stripped) areas back down, it's not uncommon that you will NOT be able to get the allen wrench back into the hex. Don't panic, this is the desired result. Now align the allen wrench (use a good one, if it is sripped, dress the end or throw it out) over the hex. With the hammer, "gently" tap the allen wrench into the hex of the bolt as deep as you can. Then try turning it out (counter-clockwise). Also sometimes depending on the size, you may be able to use the same process and substitute a 'standard' allen wrench instead of the metric, and vice- versa, depending on the application.

In my work, I try this first, then proceed (if necessary) to a center punch tapping it counter-clockwise, next step would be EZ outs / extractors.


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