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Coiler Monster and VSR as well as Donek Proteus Boards + two pair TD3 Step-in's


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Selling my quiver including boots due to a job relocation to Southern California.  Taking up surfing.

Coiler Monster in good condition but does have a few topcoat scratches.

Coiler VSR in prefect shape.  Used about 10x at most.

Donek Proteus flawless, used only once (literately!) is the original carving board and still one of the best.

Two (2) pair TD3 Sidewinder Step-in's - the best binding on the planet!

Deeluxe Boots, size 11.5.  Will add pics shortly with details.

First reasonable offer accepted and will have to ship from SoCal.








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36 minutes ago, IronmanPhil said:

Coiler VSR Specs per the sidewall data




My best guess:


178 long

Nirvana Free Carve Vcam made 2014 for PR

Flex 6.1 ( suit ~ 180 lbs ish)

+10 decamber.

Edited by Lurch
Add weight range - I already got one so I'm out
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Your red board is actually a Nirvana FreeCarve VCam.  Titanal Construction 178 length.  Built in 2014 for someone whos initials are PR (I assume that is you). The other numbers are flex numbers. 

The Monster is a 182 in length, possibly 20cm wide, built in in 2010 for PR and flex numbers again.  

I will email Bruce to see if he has any more data on these.

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