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Copper mountain meet up.

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I'll be there tomorrow morning - let me know if anyone would like to get a few laps in! I will try any runs but am certainly happier off Center to Timberline (very intermediate carver here - started two seasons ago and only get about 10 days a season on the board because I spend most time on skis). 

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I saw a few of you guys today but we didn't get to meet.  Coiler Circuit Board NFC earlier then Bacon Wogococo later.  I probably wasn't putting on a good show, since it was my first day back on the snow in literally a whole year.  

I'll be back tomorrow, but I may be on 2 sticks, just to give the muscles a little rotation.  A year off plus lockdown lack of conditioning isn't helping.

Steamboat later this week, then Aspen next.  

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Astounding one today!

All y'alls that skipped today missed a good one

A balmy -9f when I pulled in the lot this morning, Warming up to about +9f by the time our oldman backs, hips and legs really started screaming. Firecut was sublime, with a mes of about 2. Its got great coverage now, and the cat tracks are now gone. At one point Ink was at the bottom watching myself, Ice, and the kid slay it in unison, and treated us to a seated ovation. Thank you, that felt good!  Ethan, you have come a long way in a short time, way to bring it acrosst ( that's for you Hil, sad you didn't make it today) the hill, now quit doing that weird thing with your hand on your healsides, you look like a longboarder trying to slide.  We violated one of or bylaws, Scrub was groomed, but we didn't partake.  The consensus was that it looked a little narrow( normal, just having too much fun elsewhere to take the time to sack up).  Extra time was spent at Cahr Barn due to the immense amount of awesomeness that was dispensed today, and the need to regal each other with our tales of said awesomeness.  It was fun to count how many laps people were doing trying to find a parking spot. The dirty looks we got while bogarting my spot were fun as well.  We popped an extra beer just for more of those.

Top 10 day today, thanks for making it so guys!


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