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27.0 UPZ RC10 or similar

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    • By forf.dawg
      I am selling a pair of Mountain Slope - Point .951 World Cup boots, used for one season. They are mondo size 27.5
      There is slight damage from the boot fitter on the right boot making the removal of the insert more difficult, no damage to structure or function of the boot though.
      Also for sale is a pair of F2 - Race Titanium  size Large bindings. All parts in images included.
      Asking $900 for both OR
      $800 for boots
      $200 for bindings
      I also have a 180cm x 20.0cm Kessler "The Alpine" for sale.
      PM for details or contact me with info below.
      text: 307-349-8630
      email: forrest.sawyer7@gmail.com

      The Kessler board for sale

    • By GileslikestoCarve
      FOR SALE RAICHLE 325 Racing hardboots mondo 28-29 $170 (comes with original liners)
      Can combine with extra DEELUXE HB Thermo Flex DCL131 mondo 28 liners $225 (both liners)
      plus shipping

    • By Termin8tor
      Brand new never worn, never molded, Palau liners.  Asking $375 plus ship.   PRICE DROP $355!  Price drop again!!! $300 

    • By BallisticBeach
      Length:          170 CM –1.7M
      Edge:             156CM –1.56M
      Radius:          14.0M(Side cut)
      Min Width:     18.5CM – 185MM
      Stance:          48CM –480MM
      At Oxess we carefully produce all products by hand, including all raceboards. We only use very high-quality materials. Thanks to the experience ofmore than 25 years in snowboard construction, Oxess builds snowboards ofhighest quality and durability. 
      Race boards from Oxess impress with their high performance, both interms of smooth-running, carving characteristics and ice grip. This is done byadapting the progression of board stiffness and flexibility to the customer'sindividual needs by using special materials (carbon, fiberglass, titanal,rubber) and CNC-milled wood cores.
      With the TC (Torsion Control) developed by Oxess, the power isoptimally distributed to the board by means of 3D-construction. Thus, theseforces can act where they are needed. Ideal preconditions for top athletes aswell. 
      While we use carbon as a top sheet for slope riders, since it makes theboard very agile and allows a wide application area, we work almost exclusivelywith titanal for racers, which makes the board
      Of course, we can also customize all models for special requirementsaccording to the customer's needs.
      Meanwhile Oxess is very well represented in alpine racing. Athletesfrom various national teams and junior squads in Europe, Asia and Americaappreciate the individual support of Team Oxess and the possibility to tailorthe ideal snowboard for themselves. Oxess hence, makes a significantcontribution to places on Oxess snowboards are proof enough.
      Also listed the item on ebay with more photos - https://www.ebay.com/itm/202917587154
      Only used a handful of times... Looking to get $500 - OBO 
      Cell 518.229.4666 or email josh@518loans.com


    • By Emd301
      Looks like new to me, but bought years ago and won't fit.
      Deeluxe Indy size 27 boots intec compatible
      $200 plus shipping

    • By Val
      Enjoyed a couple of hours at Mt. Sunapee today, even ran across @dhamann.  He looked great, I sucked.  Carving is NOT like riding a bike, taking 20 years off was a big mistake.  
      Feet are killing me, way too much movement/heel lift/blisters/etc.  The heat-n-mold liners that came with my Deeluxe 325s are not cutting it.  Back in the 90s I used Zipfit silicone injected liners in my Raichle 325s, fitted by Richelson’s Feet First in Plymouth, NH.  
      Any recommendations for liners/boot fitters?????
    • By zipfit
      I have had a few messenger chats with a few riders that are currently using zipfit liners in their hard shell boots with great success but knowing that this community is a demanding underserved market we have thought of opening up a feedback line with users like you to develop something specific for your sport.
      Please share your ideas. We are listening, and motivated to launch something reflecting your input for next season.
      Check out zipfit.eu if you have not done so yet to see that zipfits are all about.
      Looking forward to hearing your comments and becoming the reference suppler of after market boot liners for alpine snowboarding moving forward.
    • By mlang
      Orange Head Stratos Pro Boots for sale.
      Used by weekend snowboarder for 5 seasons. (Probably about 150 days on snow). Still in good shape.
      Women's size 8.5. Inside says Carve 26.0-23.5 
      Asking $60 USD +shipping (from Kitchener, ON).

    • By rider
      Finally replaced my boots! I have loved these for years!! 
      Raichle (now Deeluxe) AF600, Size 28/10, shell size 299, Thermo liner.
      Missing hardware on one side of one boot, see pics.
      I have mounting screws for heel pieces.
      Best offer plus shipping.

    • By rider
      Looking for anything semi-current.
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