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virus 186 asym " goofy "

James Ong

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My riding impressions ...  

1  shape seems old school , when it gets up on edge it’s immediately turning and FAST . 
2. On toeside you can get away with diving hard into the nose 

3 heelside wants you to shift your weight back a bit , there’s a weird but fun asym rhythm i had forgotten about . 


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    • By D.T.
      SOLD - I’m selling a set of Virus Powerlock III step-in bindings.  this binding is essentially the love child of a thick aluminum Phiokka baseplate and the F2 boot interface. The bindings come with a single 3° lift block. As you can see on the step-in receivers, the wear is minimal, these bindings were hardly used. One rubber disc that the boot saw sits on is missing.
      SOLD - The price is $275 shipped in the US via USPS priority mail.

    • By Tddragon
      2020 Custom VIRUS Slalom 162 Worldcup RaceLab Hypercarbon - almost brand new 5 half days on it. Selling because I bought a Virus SL Asymetric version of the same board. 
      Board in pristine condition. One tiny top sheet nick pictured. Only minor scuffing otherwise. Storage wax in pics
      custom built for 130-175 pounds.
      New over 1,500 + approx 200-250 shipping and import taxes + 35$ wire fees 🙂
      more info here: https://shop.virus-snowsports.com/produkt/slalom-163-worldcup/
      Asking 1,100 or best offer. Includes shipping within US.  Although prefer  local pickup in MA/CT/VT 

    • By D.T.
      I’m selling a custom-built Virus Raceworks 183cm alpine snowboard.  This is a titanal board built during the 2012/2013 season.  It has a variable side cut radius, the average radius is ~15m.  The waist is 20cm.  The board would be best for a heavier rider, e.g. 190+ lbs.
      The board has been ridden approximately 30 days.  The top sheet does have some lift line and chair lift rash - see photos.  There are a few spots of light surface rust of the edges; all of it will come off easily with a quick edge tune.  There are a few spots of the topsheet where the screws from the bindings bit into the topsheet; as a result there are small knicks in the topsheet, but the titanal is not damaged. 
      Price is $600 firm.  That’s half the price I paid for it.  I Will ship the board, but it’s the buyers expense and responsibility to figure out the logistics and send me a shipping label. I will then drop the board off at the buyer’s carrier of choice.

    • By KB303
      As part of my return back into alpine riding, I'm very much in a mode of trying a bunch of new things. Sadly these bindings aren't right for me. Although I knew the lift was adjustable, I didn't realize they would be quite this flat. Frank said that 95% of their customers ride them in this configuration, which is a flat front (one block under both the toe and heel), and the rear has about a 1-degree lift as best as I was able to measure (one block under the toe, two blocks under the heel). Frank offered to send more blocks and longer screws if I felt I needed them. However I think it would take a fair bit to get to 3 degrees, and I'm now toying around with the idea of a 6-degree lift at least on the front (so considering some TD3s now). 
      I just have one day on this set. Unfortunately I experimented with too many variables at once, and my stance (and riding) was jacked. I'm guessing that's why the rubber pads on the toe piece incurred some damage because I was trying to steer madly with my feet. Besides that, the bindings and dampening pads are in the same condition as they were shipped. I feel badly about the rubber pads, and just want to recoup some of my money at this point.
      Purchased for $392. Selling for $225 including shipping in the US. 

    • By kamran
      Letting go of some of the stuff.
      Virus Tantalus Team 175, I believe it's a 2003. used with some marks on the top, very clean and smooth base with tons of camber and life left, (EDIT: taking it off the market)
      Virus Avalanche 168, binding marks on the top and other than that very clean. Literally 1 day of carving on her.  (SOLD)
      Prior All mountain board, I think it's a 160, used with marks on the top but a clean base, (SOLD)
      Raichle boots SB 413, shell says 25 -27.5, used with marks and wear on the bottom, $100 ex shipping
      Catek Bindings OS2, long, used  (SOLD)
      Burton Bindings, 4 hole disks (may have 3 hold disks somewhere too) (SOLD)
      I can email bigger better pictures if desired.

    • By glenn
      Have a Virus BX 168 for sale. According to Frank from Virus, it's a prototype from 2014. I acquired it in 2015 and haven't ridden it at all.
      The base is like new. The top sheet has marks on it from bindings. Edges are good. Camber is as original.
      I'm asking $600 U.S. plus shipping, as Frank said that's what it's worth.
      The markings stamped on the top sheet read 68 14 001 (168cm, 2014, 001 designates first prototype)

    • By philw
      Now there's no "Bomber" whom we rightly had to respect, I think I can ask this question....   There are multiple variants of the standard F2 binding out there, but has anyone any reviews/ experience/ comparative information on them? I like to avoid riding stuff which is more than a decade old, so I ought to buy some more bindings and I'm wondering which will work best. The ones I know of are:
      Standard F2 Titanium bindings, same as I've used for the last 20 years and which work flawlessly for me. They come in two sizes of which I use the smaller. You can get blue anodized ones thi season, it seems, as well as the standard black. The CNC version of the above. These are pretty and maybe I should get some to put on my bookshelves, but they're not commonly used in races I think so perhaps they have "stiffness" problems as per some other machined bindings. They're likely heavier and more expensive than (1). The Virus "Power Lock" stuff... they look similar in principle to the F2, but apparently are "machined from a solid block" of whatever so perhaps are stiffer? I'm not really looking for that, and I'm kind of suspicious of Virus as they make those extremely narrow boards which isn't my thing. These come with a baseplate - is that mandatory? How high does that put the boot over the board? I kind of like simple and low, hence F2 Ti Race not F2 Titanflex. Kessler's F2 variant. These have white handles and no step-in variant, but otherwise look like stock F2 bindings. Is that what they are? These come in 3 sizes, suggesting they're not just a re-brand of the F2s.  Are there any more, perhaps South-East Asian variants I should look at?
      I'm just interested in any actual users of these and similar bindings... what are the main characteristics and what do I need to know which isn't obvious?....
    • By NWboarder
      BUMP! I know this is a little like selling a boat in the winter so please take advantage of my poor timing..... 
      I'm liquidating and unfortunately this one has to go. There is 99% (total guess here) camber left on this one as I have ridden it less than 7 days. The base is 9 out of 10. Great edges as they haven't seen much snow.
      The shovel nose is due to a nube cutting me off in the lift line. It was the best option for repair. My thought was to sand/light sandblast the whole top sheet as it has marks from storage and minimal use.
      $525 free shipping lower 48. buyer pays PayPal fee.... 
      Please contact me with questions
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