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Coiler Contra 166


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Very interesting. So I looks like Bruce somehow magically combines 5 different radiuses from 9.5m to 16m to somehow create something approximately equal to 10.5m 🤪

I have asked Bruce to build an all mountain board which I could carve on chopped up runs, ride moguls, and occasional powder. He recommended to consider this Contra board. I am exited to see how this magical combination of 5 SRCs will work 😃.

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Hi Guys

After riding the Contra, the mind starts to go a bit wild with ideas: powder contra, softboot contra, bigger and smaller SCR contra, etc.

Martin - I think considering the Contra with the 10.5m SCR as a tight turning free carve is a must!

dgCarve - Bruce told me that he has been prototyping the Contra with about a 9m average SCR.  I think an powder nose and tail like a maybe a Jones Hovercraft with the Contra 9m SCR could be REALLY fun as a tight turning all conditions board.  I think the bigger vs smaller SCR would depend on whether you want to blast over top of and through the crud ... or slash and slarve thought it.

The SCR of the Contra is actually has MANY more SCR that just the 5 list, the five listed is to help get your head around what is going on. The SCR actually changes every few cms .... like I said PFM, Pure Frickin' Magic!

Can't wait to read what you guys eventually have made and how it works for you:)



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The Contra is apparently Bruce's version of the Thirst sidecut (contra is thirst spelled backwards...or it's Canadian for Thirst, I'm not sure). Here was Gabe's take on it when testing prototypes.

Bruce is building me a 185 as I write this--a summer build rescheduled to allow for more on-snow testing and...well, apparently golfing.  

It will have the contra sidecut and the Shred inspired "new, improved" Monster features such as reverse sidecut, early-rise powder nose and a soft-snow flex for powder, soft groom and slush carving.

At least that's what I think I'm getting. We'll see, I left it up to Bruce to make the final decisions, including the topsheet:eek:

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52 minutes ago, Mr.E said:

Outside of the multi radius sidecut, is the "Contra" a model, or is it something he's applying to boards with different build types?

Bruce offered it up as an option for my build. I suspect it might work better with some flex patterns. He said my 185 "monster" is actually an AM, with 23cm waist and maybe a rather tight sidecut for it's length ~11.5-ish. Not sure, it's going to be a surprise:ices_ange

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Hi Mr E

I asked this question of Bruce as it would affect the top sheet that Nick designed for me, the Contra is a new model.

Bruce further explained to me that the SCR is just one part of the change, the flex pattern of the Contra is like nothing he has done before.  I guess the new SCR is easier for him to match up the flex pattern throughout the length of the board in relation to the SCR.


Hope this helps a bit.


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I know "models" are a sliding continuum when the product is designed for each rider. Thanks for the feedback!

23 minutes ago, bigwavedave said:

maybe a rather tight sidecut for it's length

Ha! my 169 from Sean is an 11-13 and 22cm. It's like Twins


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Hi Lurch

The logo is my modified version of a Yin and Yang logo I stumble across.  

Nick's logo is a Yin & Yang that has rotated the original 90 degrees to also represent a wave and the sun.  The meaning of the original logo is the idea that the Yin & Yang rotate, while the core reverts to stillness.  I have often said that my favorite two tricks on a snowboard are turning left and right.  On a good day the movement of linking turns together leads to a mind that is still, relaxed and happy ... all the while dreaming of slashing off of a wave:)


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