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Boots question

Guest mrdogboy

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Guest mrdogboy

I'm a die hard Monoskier.. Yes we are still around... and YES we rail ! anyway, I want to try Alphine Snowboarding, Do I need to get new boots or can I use my Salomon Ski boots ??

What's a good cheap, fast, first time board to get (I'm an East coaster, that travels West and east (europe) alot...

Help please ! :confused:

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First of all, welcome to the BOL forum! Shoot, your already a single planker :D

To add to Hugh, actually almost all plate (regular type, has a toe clip) will work with ski boots. Our TD2 standard and the X-Bone standard we sell will work with those ski boots of yours.

Now the questions is, are those boots the best way to go? I can only give you my opinion, but historically we have seen a lot of people try hardboot snowboarding with ski boots and not have a very good time. Ski boots are VERY stiff compared to a snowboard hardboot. Even if you take the softest ski boot out there it will most likely be stiffer then the stiffest snowboard hardboot. Also, the lack of forward lean adjustment on ski boots make them tough to set-up for a board.

Now that said, you can certainly use them to try it, just be aware that the ride might be a bit rough. As long as you realize this, then go for it and if you like what you feel, then look into snowboard hardboots.

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as for boards new(been sitting in warehouses since 2001) burton factory primes/speeds can be had for around $100-150 they are decent decks

for around 200-300 you can find amazing boards that have been used a little

maybe a used Donek Axis or a used Coiler AM or something a little more carvey like a Coiler race carve

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