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Deeluxe Track 225 Boots - Mondo 22

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Boots for small feets!  Deeluxe Track 225, Mondo 22, in excellent condition.  Liners have been molded once.  The sole length stamped by the heel of the boot is 253mm.  The last two photos show the most significant signs of use:  some light scratches on the toe of the right shell and a little blue paint chipping on the buckles.

These also come with some Aline suspension insoles that can be used to increase comfort and adjust fit, or they can be removed if you don't want them.  See here:  https://aline.com/active/

$125 plus shipping, PayPal no-fee "send money to a friend".  US shipping by UPS ground runs around $16-35 depending on your location.  Shipping by Priority Mail runs $23-$53.








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Adjusted shipping estimates
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M22!   Wolf  those are So Cute!    What is that in US Women's...a size 6?  OMG that equals a Men's 4!  :eek:

Well if ya can't sell em you could always hang em from your rear view mirror!  :biggthump  

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