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Boots - Raichle AF600 Size 28

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Finally replaced my boots! I have loved these for years!! 

Raichle (now Deeluxe) AF600, Size 28/10, shell size 299, Thermo liner.

Missing hardware on one side of one boot, see pics.

I have mounting screws for heel pieces.

Best offer plus shipping.





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    • By homer
      UPZ 27.0
      With step-ins intec heels. Work well. Original heels included second set of tongues* don’t know if the liners are mouldable or if they were moulded.   Getting rid of them because they gave me severe shin bang. Left boot issues: The 2 bolts holding the tongue non-standard bolts. Couldn't take one of them off so can't replace one of the black tongues. Maybe you will have better success. plastic on release cable on left boot is cracked in 2 places. doesn't look like any of the strands are broken (see new photo. scale on graph paper is 0.5 cm/small square) Right boot issues: plastic on release cable on right boot has slipped a bit or the cable might be stretched a bit (see new photo. scale on graph paper is 0.5 cm/small square)  
      (edited to add new photos of the release cables.. sorry about the poor quailty photos and hack job photo editing. i did my best)
      Price: $60 USD + shipping
      higher res images here.

    • By nitro
      Having trouble loading pics to this forum, Please read the add , then e-mail me---   nitrodubb@gmail.com  ----- & I will send more info/ pictures of what your interested in.
      All pay pal fees covered by the seller,  shipping in conus paid as well  - 
      SOLD-----Used Donek Af plate upm style . 100$ shipped----SOLD
      SOLD-----2018/19 - 178 donek free carve 10-13 scr 24 cm waist 52cm stance ,secret construction, custom top sheet 450$ shipped.  maybe 10 days on this board , still very sharp factory base has some minor scratches, could maybe use a grind some binding suck on front inserts.-----SOLD
      SOLD---2018/19 162  fullbag blunt diamond 150$ shipped.  4days on this shifted board, recommended for deep pow. some binding rash but otherwise in good shape. ------SOLD
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      SOLD-----Custom made padded board wrap, with shoulder strap , sweet design by Simple Outdoor Solutions , constructed with neoprene made to fit 185cm alpine boards with the plates& binders mounted. one of a kind.  60$ shipped----SOLD
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      Looking for anything semi-current.
    • By Fish n' Chips
      Custom Kessler 180
      Built for 154-176lbs rider, nose 24cm, waist 19cm, tail 22cm.
      I am selling this for $750+shipping. Bought on this site in 2016 for my son, he only used it a few times in 2016 and 2017 ( 30 runs max.) He lost interest in the hard boots, and decided to go back to soft. It is in excellent condition
      TD3 SideWinder Standard Bindings
      (2)  3 degree cant disks and (1) 0 degree cant disk. E-pads are yellow, E-rings are yellow
      I am selling these for $400+shipping. I bought these brand new, only used by my song a few times in 2016 and 2017.( 30 runs max) 
      UPZ Boots
      RC 10 Orange, 25 Mondo(US 7.5)
      I am selling these for $325+shipping. My son hardly used these, the same length as the bindings( 30 runs max.) In excellent condition.
      Shipping orders in US only

    • By Surf Quebec
      Those bindings were on a board I bought, I use them twice to remember how it was to ride standard bindings.
      50$ + shipping.  SOLD

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